The Moon “We Gon’ Be Okay” Music Video

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Music has the power to spread messages & amplify emotions. In the latest release from The Moon she does both of those things through her voice, visuals, & lyrics in “We Gon’ Be Okay.”
Her vocals always seem to put listeners at ease even if it’s just for the moment, & this time she also brings a huge sense of hope & faith. Using footage of protests from across the country as well as snippets of the news, clips of beautiful families, & murals of those who are no longer with us, she spreads the message that although times may be crazier than ever it’s all for the greater good.
With all that is being brought to light in the world, it’s nothing short of exhausting emotionally, physically & mentally. Throughout it all, she continues & reminds us to count our blessings. A beautiful song with a very powerful visual that all should see. Watch & share below!

Stream on all platforms here:


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