KB Devaughn “Genocide” Music Video

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KB Devaughn has taken a moment to bless us with new music & honestly, it still isn’t enough but we’re going to enjoy the moment for what it is… 🙂 If you’re not familiar with the Inglewood rapper, now is the time to dive into his releases as he (hopefully) prepares us for another project.

Following his viral freestyle “Wop Wop,” KB Devaughn brings us “Genocide” where listeners hear him autotuned once again. Within the track, we walk alongside a vulnerable KB as he opens up about a few things. As he falls from the sky within his visual shot by Goldby7, KB elaborates on the struggles he & others alike face in the world. He expresses that it’s not just about him anymore either, as he’s seen with his son sleeping in his arms. Take a moment to watch his visual below & listen to the messages he brings.


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