Welcome to my blog page!

My name is Irene Guerrero, & I’m a small girl who doesn’t look or act her age. I’m extremely passionate, & happen to obsess over things like books, journals, pens, along with other things that I find important.

Creating this blog was an idea that I’ve had for years & finally had the courage to make into a reality. It’s really so exciting! This will become a place where my ideas will be shared, thoughts will be spilled, & projects will be brought to life! 

The name GigglesIrene is what I go by online. It’s a nickname I received when I was younger & it’s stuck! Don’t let it fool you, I am in no ways funny. It has been said though that I laugh at just about anything (which is true), & that my giggle is contagious (can be argued).

I initially went to school to become a teacher, but after some self-discovery, I decided to dive into my passion for music & writing so here we are! After completing college I started working towards my main goal of becoming a radio personality, while also picking up on minor goals along the way.

With that, I began a YouTube channel to help build my on-camera confidence as well as a podcast to get into the groove of discussing albums, concerts, & anything that I desired. You won’t be able to find any of those lost episodes anywhere, but my videos from super cringe to now are available on Youtube.com/GigglesIrene.

With my huge passion for writing & being a huge lover of music, it pushed me to not only make this site but to strive towards a possible career in music journalism. Most of you most likely know me from RosecransAve.com which is where I got my start under the name Giggles Irene.

I hope to continue to share my journey with all who check in. My goal is to pretty much have all my ideas, accomplishments, & goals documented to inspire & most importantly to remind myself to keep going.

Thank you.