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Everyone goes through a point in their life where they’re trying to figure out exactly who they are. For me it’s been the past couple years and it’s been an amazing adventure. Everyday I learn more about why I am this person and how to embrace my flaws. At times even realizing that these “flaws” weren’t even flaws to begin with, but whoever I allowed to mold me made me believe otherwise. It’s all a part of growing and there are certain words and phrases I keep with me to remind myself of my growth. I wish to continue to move forward, not backward.

I came across My Intent via Instagram because that’s how I usually find myself digging into my wallet to purchase something I seem to think I need. This was different though… Something about it stuck out to me enough that I kept finding myself scrolling through their feed.

Yes, I know technically its two words but those are the words I needed to have a reminder of at all times.
I received the bracelet and wore it every day. I have this habit where whenever I want to quiet myself I play with the bracelets on my wrist or fiddle with my necklace, it helps me zone out. Each time I felt I should quiet down or conform to the ones around me I’d fiddle with my bracelets and there it was screaming up at me, “Be You”. Allowing me to not fear others opinions or change who I was.
As each day passed I would look at my bracelet, and there were the words again being burnt into my mind. Be you, be you, be you! I started to not hold back. I changed who I surrounded myself with, I began to speak my mind, share my obsessions (Even if they were phases. Because what’s wrong with having phases?), and talk about things that made me happy, sad, or anything of the sort. No matter the faces anyone made, no matter how quiet it got afterwards, or how “loud” and “annoying” I was. I was being me. Nobody was used to that, not even myself. I broke through each label I was given and embraced every single thing.

I’m far from perfect though, that’s not what I was trying to accomplish. I never asked to be perfect. I did at one point think that I had to be what others thought was perfect to keep people happy. At the time that seemed to be the only way I didn’t have to hear others remarks or criticism, which resulted in pushing my happiness so far away that I didn’t know where it was.

After years of being this way, to break that mold was a huge step out of my comfort zone. It was weird but also wonderful to embrace my true self that I kept shutting out.

As time passed I didn’t have to look down at my bracelet anymore. Yes I still played with them, (I do still) but I no longer had to read the words. They’re burnt into my mind.

I believe in things in weird ways. As you continue to visit my site (if I haven’t scared you off yet) you’ll see what I mean. This is the first thing I’ll share with you, I was so happy when my bracelet broke. Now you’re probably thinking, “What the hell?” Yes I know, let me explain.

After wearing it for almost a year it broke. Go ahead and argue with me, you can say it’s because I wore it everyday, fiddling with it, taking it off before bed, putting it on again as I woke. Yes, I am very aware of the “wear and tear” that I had it under. But you see, that’s the logical reason why it broke. BUT I believe it broke because I didn’t need it anymore. It was a sign that being myself was a task I had mastered, and therefore the bracelets reminder was no longer needed. (See what I mean now when I say I believe in weird things?) It’s truly another unique thing about me that others will roll their eyes or shake their head at but that’s okay. Nobody else has to agree with me, I believe it. And that’s that.
So jump froward to about a week ago as I order another bracelet with a unique word that I wish to master. Confidence. Although I am able to be myself, at times I do so quietly. I want to carry myself with confidence at all times, walk with my head held high. No longer hide under hoodies or quiet myself when I talk about my dreams, or hold myself back. What’s the point of being me if I start off great and trail off quietly? I wish to be confident in the way I speak, the way I write, and when I walk into a room. I wear the bracelet as I type this, and although I am putting myself (really) out there with this post and each project it’s still very scary. Which is a good thing, it means growth is happening. I can take the nervousness, but I want to conquer the feeling of knowing what I put out into the universe is great no matter what it is. Maybe that’s not a confidence thing, its a perfectionist thing.. Who knows, I already have the bracelet. It’s too late to change the word now. 🙂

And well, here’s to waiting for this bracelet to break when the time is right.

*Disclaimer: I am no ways a therapist. Simply sharing my story to share my experience.

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