Ari Lennox – El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

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The El Rey Theater is one of my favorite venues! It’s small, very intimate, and I love the elegant decor that hangs from the ceiling. It’s standing room only, unless one has VIP and can sit up on the balcony. The only worrisome thing about the venue is the parking, but like any place in Hollywood you find a place where ever you can.

I found myself at El Rey in February for the DRAM Tour solely because Ari Lennox of Dreamville was an opener. The homie Jimmy and I had been waiting patiently for Ari to either go on her own tour, or hop on to someone else’s. She had already done a run with Jeremih on the East Coast, so we were patiently waiting for her to hit the West.

Jimmy and I finally met up to make our way to the venue. The line to get in was long, so (per usual) I was worried I wasn’t going to have a good view of Ari.

But you can say I was “front row” because the crowd wasn’t big yet as everyone was getting drinks or buying merchandise. As we began a conversation to kill time, we noticed other Dreamville fans within the crowd around us. It was pretty dope to see that other fans were there like us happy to see Ari.

After the first few openers, Ari hit the stage! It was amazing to hear her live because she sounds exactly the way she does from her EP. Her stage presence radiates from her voice, to her dance moves as she makes the stage hers. She truly enjoys every moment and it radiates through her smile. She sounded phenomenal!

I have to admit for a moment during her show I was hit with a huge weight of embarrassment as I realized that I indeed pronounced the name of her EP wrong a few months ago on my podcast episode. A mistake I will always gladly admit to. The shame I felt passed as Cozz’s verse for “Backseat” came up and he joined her on stage.

After her performance Jimmy and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves… That is until he checked Lute’s (of Dreamville) Instagram story and saw that he was near FOH (front of house). Since we solely showed up to see Ari, we gave up our spots near the front of the stage to find our favorite Dreamville artists.

Ever since I had purchased my Dreamville jersey, I would always have it with me in case of running into my favorites while I was in the LA area. So sure enough, Jimmy and I were prepared.

We then noticed Ron Gilmore Jr. standing a few feet from us. We did our best to not draw too much attention so they wouldn’t be bothered, but nobody seemed to notice what we were up to. Which is a good thing because we didn’t want to scare anyone away.

I asked Ron if he’d sign my jersey and he said, “Me? Are you sure?”
I said, “Yes of course, and if I can get a picture too please?””

He said, “Sure. Let me see.. I’ll sign here. I’ll put a crown too cause I’m the best.”
He made me laugh and it helped kill the nervousness that I had when talking to him.


I told him, “Oh my gosh. You broke my heart geesus.” He just laughed.


We then ran into Ib, Cozz, and Bas who signed no problem. All we needed was Ari. (And if we were lucky enough, Cole.)


Since we didn’t really have an interest in the rest of the show, we waiting near FOH for Ari to come out and mingle within the crowd. She arrived and we watched as fans approached her before we had the chance too.

 *Ari Lennox videos/photos are my own, taken from my phone/camera the day of the show. I don’t own any rights to the songs/lyrics within this post.

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