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It’s really weird how everyday I’m shown the phrase, “The right people will come to you at the right time” to be true.

I met Young Bruce at a time where we were both searching for certain things to better our careers. I was searching for local artists to interview for my podcast, while he was searching for a way to spread the word about his music.

For those of you who don’t know, when I go through the process of interviewing an artist, I want to get to know them as well as their music. I have each artist send me the all the links to their music along with a little paragraph about themselves. I explain the guidelines of the interview & what the opportunity will hold.

Since most artists meet me at events that I work for my internship, I always have to explain that although I work for a radio station I have no control over getting an artist radio play. Sometimes that makes an artist a little skeptical, they second guess having an interview done with the thought of “What’s in it for me?”

Young Bruce was different though, it takes time to listen to every thing, not to mention having to work out a time to go over interview questions, & then ultimately scheduling the actual interview.. He was willing to wait throughout the whole process & saw the positives that this interview can have for him. Although I don’t have a huge following, he was happy to have his musical talents spread to the people that do follow. As for the interview, he wanted to use it as practice knowing that eventually throughout his career, interviews will become part of his norm. He also couldn’t wait to use some of the footage as part of his press kit, which is something I never thought about before.

After a few weeks of scheduling, listening to music, and doing some research, the day had come to sit down for our interview.

We met up at a local studio in town that I didn’t even know was there. I could tell when we met up that he was nervous, who wouldn’t be for their first interview? I tried my best to calm him, reminding him know this is just practice for the real thing one day (for the both of us).

“Do you mind if I smoke one? I don’t want it to ruin your brand or anything you know,” he asks as I set up my tripod.

I thought that was extremely kind of him, the fact that he cared about how he would make my brand look amazed me. It was something I had never took the time to think about until that very moment.

As he rolled one, I finished setting up my equipment (which wasn’t much) and let him review the questions that I had written.

“These are good questions. I like them, this is going to be cool,” he said.

Then it began…

YB (1)

Young Bruce a.k.a Majesty is a recording artist who was born & raised in the Bronx, New York until he was about 16 years old.

Now at 22, he resides in the Inland Empire feeding into universe of the West Coast club/trap type of sound.

Growing up with his grandmother in New York he was surrounded by R&B soul music, which influenced his smooth rapping flow & the way he presents himself with the ladies. When he was relocated to the West Coast he lived through many experiences that shaped the content of his raps. With influences from both coasts, Young Bruce feels he relates to listeners on a new level with pieces of story on dope beats. Putting different aspects of what he’s gone through into his music creates a unique story that he can’t wait to share with the world. From the smoothness he picked up creating a persona as “Majesty”, to the old street ways that won’t completely leave bringing out the “Young Bruce” in him.

Although life has thrown him a few setbacks, he looks to to the future with high hopes and confidence to achieve the greatest outcome of being a voice within hip-hop. With all that he’s gone through, it only helps to create great content with a message, and lessons for his listeners to learn and live through him. Every obstacle inspires him to continue to work, and to push harder than before.

Being one of the hottest artists to come about from the Young Hit Makerz (YHM) label the future looks very bright. Being one who is charming, yet with a sense of old street habits that may show from to time; his different sound and word play is something that he hopes to inspire new generations with.

To keep up with new music from Young Bruce a.k.a Majesty feel free to check out his Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Don’t forget to check out our interview below, and listen to West Coast Anthem Vol. 1 out now!

**If you’d like to be interviewed please send social media links, streaming links, and a small bio about yourself to contactgigglesirene@gmail.com with “Artist Interview” in the subject line!
*Disclaimer: I have no control when it comes to getting your music radio play despite what companies I work/have worked for or who I know. I apologize in advance.

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