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Big Sean holds a very special place in my heart. Not in an “I’m obsessed” sort of way, but in a way that I truly care for him and I know he’s just like the rest of us. He gives off such a humble vibe and I admire so much about him. I was looking forward to seeing him again, as he always has something to say that moves me in the direction that I need to go.

Just 2 years ago I had seem him headline the iHeart Radio Village Festival and he said some things that brought me to tears. Although I was in Las Vegas trying my best to live in the moment, my demons were in the back of my mind haunting me. He truly motivated me when I felt like my world was falling apart. I hid that part of me so well, but he was able to bring it to light and have me face it with so much strength. I knew that day that it wouldn’t be the last time I’d make an effort to see him perform live.

I knew being able to see him again would be another amazing experience, but this time I’d be with a friend and my sister. My sister was super excited and had been counting down the days since we had purchased tickets. She’d always been a Big Sean fan, and I wasn’t going to pass up on being able to see him again.

The House of Blues (HOB) was something new for me to experience with everyone since it had been relocated. The last time I was there was more than 5 years ago, to see Jesse y Joy. I was a bit worried about venue size and how the line would be to enter the venue.

It was raining on the way there, and continued to do so while we waited in line. I wasn’t looking forward to being soaked during the show but then a woman came to our rescue.

She walked up to us asking if we wanted to stay dry & wait inside, all we had to do was give the guy at the door her card. We would then be shown to a lounge where M&G’s were being held. We didn’t have anything to lose so we did as she said. We found ourselves inside a beautiful lounge where we clearly didn’t fit in, then about 5 feet from us Big Sean was sitting in a booth having a meeting with what looked like very important people. We were in shock and had no idea what to do other than look at each other, and then look at him. We tried our best not to make a scene and were escorted to a booth. We were like children poking our head out over our booth to sneak a look at him. He’s simply adorable in person, so small, his smile so big. It was pretty awesome.

After some food and drinks we made our way into the venue.​ The HOB is general admission, so we were standing which isn’t a problem unless its all leveled and you’re 5′ 3”… So it was a problem. I wasn’t worried about myself so much, I was more worried that my sister had a good view. She learned well from her sister and wiggled her way a bit through the crowd and enjoyed the show.

Big Sean has to be one of my favorite performers. He truly puts all of energy into every lyric and (I don’t know about other people but) I can feel every emotion that he puts into each word. His stage presence is amazing. He really does “have the moves” as he dances and vibes to each one of his tracks on stage. He gets hype within himself and feeds it to the crowd, and we give it right back.

There was a moment during the show when his mic got cut off. I want to say it was during his third song, the fire alarm started to go off, so they cut his mic. I’m guessing the music was still being fed through his in ear monitors because he continued to perform, but you can tell by the look on his face that he was very confused as to why the crowds hype had drastically died down. He continued anyway until a security guard got his attention and he walked off stage.

Once they were able to fix the problem, he started his whole set list from the top. (Which he didn’t have to do, but it was totally dope that he did.) It truly helped bring the hype vibe back. He played all of his hits, and newest singles with such great energy. I sort of wanted him to bring out Chris Brown but I knew he would save that for a Los Angeles show. (He did.)

It was a good time all around. I would also love to see Big Sean again, but hopefully I’ll splurge a bit so I can have a balcony seat with a non obstructing view. 🙂

Enjoy my vlog (rant) on this concert experience below and be sure to subscribe! 😉

*Big Sean videos/photos are my own, taken from my phone/camera the day of the show. I don’t own any rights to the songs/lyrics within this post.

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