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Los Globos was a club that I had only heard of a few times, but never had a chance to see myself. I was looking forward to experiencing it for the first time with my Dreamville concert buddy, and of course to see Cozz & Friends.

This would end up being the third time seeing Cozz live, which made no difference as I was still filled with so much excitement. There was so much up in the air about that night, nobody knew for sure if there would be any surprises but we all had our hopes up.

Parking was a crazy situation for this venue. There was a parking lot next to the venue, but I was told the people throwing the event had rented out the whole parking lot. I was in shock, and low key scared because I was in a part of LA that I hardly knew. I made various rounds around the block until I noticed some girls in Dreamville merch who directed me to where they parked.

I ended up finding a block that was well lit and let my concert buddy know where I parked so we’d able to walk to and from the venue together. It was about 4 blocks away, but as long as I wasn’t alone I didn’t mind. Plus, it was free! Haha.

It’s so dope to be able to run into other Dreamville fans that I’ve spoken to online. We’re literally all a Dreamville family, and when an event is going down within the Los Angeles area I always seem to run into the same handful of fans. Even the ones that I’ve never actually spoken to in person or online, I recognize them at each show. The crowd becomes one when the DJ plays, and it’s such a good vibe every time.

The whole Committee (Record Label) was present, which would only be common sense as the event was brought to us by them. The event was a place for fans and producers to mingle, make connections and start conversations, according to Mike Almighty on the mic.

The venue was the perfect size for just that, although everyone (including myself) rushed the stage to make sure they had a good view. I’m short, so I always try to rush the stage when it’s a general admission show. I did have a chance to walk around and take in the whole venue. I was able to buy merchandise, and ran into the Meez (producer for The Committee) before I headed back to my spot at the front of the stage.

An open mic was held where new and local artists had 3 minutes to show the audience their talents. The night continued as Basslove, Corey C The G, and Akrite among others hit the stage.

DJ Nitrane continued to hype up the crowd then announced that Bas was supposed to show up, but sadly couldn’t make it. Our hopes were crushed. If anyone was going to make a special appearance it was going to be Bas!

Sidenote: One of my biggest regrets happened that night. It was actually surreal and I couldn’t believe I let the opportunity pass through my fingers. (I’ve never told anyone this story, so feel special.) As DJ Nitrane was on stage he began to play Bas’s “Night Job” which features J. Cole. When I first heard this song on the “Revenge of the Dreamers II” album, I made it my duty to get J. Cole’s first verse on the song perfect! (I actually have it mastered.)

Well as J. Cole’s verse was about to come up DJ Nitrane grabs the mic & says something along the lines of, “Who know’s Cole’s verse? Who can come up here & do his verse?”

A few people raised their hands but nobody stepped up to the mic. I wanted to so bad, but my feet were glued to the floor. I couldn’t believe that he was asking that. So many thoughts ran through my head, but I stood there numb.

Another fan was going to step up but second guessed himself, and Nitrane says, “Aww nobody? He raps to fast for y’all?”

I thought to myself, “Nah. I could totally do it no problem…”
Then he let it play.. Just like that the opportunity was gone. The whole way home I played that song on repeat & didn’t miss a beat when it came to Cole’s verse.. I STILL kick myself when it comes on now because I think back to that night.. *sigh*

Anyway, Cozz hit the stage closing the night with his set. He had teased on Twitter that he might perform a new song or two, and we were blessed to hear one of them. It was one long night but it was worth it as the crowds energy grew with each song from Cozz’s set. As the night ended, we made the long walk back to our car which was parked about 4 blocks away.

The night didn’t go how I expected it to go at all. It was a wonderful event for producers, artists, and fans alike to mingle and create opportunities. I got to meet some online Dreamville friends and of course hang out with my concert buddy. I’m looking forward to the next Committee event to enjoy more great music and hang with friends.

*Cozz videos/photos are my own, taken from my phone/camera the day of the show. I don’t own any rights to the songs/lyrics within this post.

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