5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Blog

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There is A LOT more that goes into a blog than these 5 items, but these are the things that truly took a toll on me and wish I knew before I got started.


1. Blog Subject

I wish going into this I knew exactly what each page would showcase, how I would present it, and how consistent I’d be able to be with each subject. As I’ve said before having a blog was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but when I finally had it at my fingertips I didn’t know where to begin!
I still sort of don’t, but that’s okay because these past months I’ve figured out the subjects that I hope to focus on. I know now if I ever wanted to add another subject to my blog, I must first make sure I have enough material to start so I’d be able to keep following through as time passes.


2. Costs

It costs money to make money, a saying I’ve heard throughout life and for the first time I was able to apply it to a real life situation and let me tell you, I didn’t like it one bit.
Since 2015 (told you I wanted to start a site a long time ago) I had purchased the domain gigglesirene.com but never put it to use, why? Well, I had no idea that in order to post one must purchase a site. Well woop-dee-do.
So about 2 years ago I was sitting in front of my computer with a domain name and no money to actually purchase a website. Let’s not even get started on not knowing where to purchase a site or what was a decent price because I was lost and had no idea. I was frustrated to the point that I didn’t do anything with the domain name for 2 years! That was money wasted… *Face-to-palm*
When I did finally purchase one I was hit with another road block which brings us to our third item.


3. Logo

Here I was ready to start posting, creating a site that would be all mine with no logo… Of course I knew it would have something to do with the name GigglesIrene, but what would represent that brand? How was I going to make it memorable, yet small enough to place everywhere by keeping it short and sweet? Again, no idea where to start!

After brainstorming with a friend I decided to take the letters “GI” and run with it. I contacted a friend who has amazing graphic art skills and he brought my doodle to life. (Which takes us back up to item #2 because the logo was another cost I hadn’t thought of. Which wasn’t a problem, one should always support their friends small business. I was more than happy to pay for his work, I just wish it was something I thought about beforehand.) You can check out my friends graphic work and art here.


4. Consistency

Remaining consistent has to be one of my flaws when it comes to anything that isn’t work related. I realized not only was I wasting my ideas but I was wasting precious dollars as well! This website, domain name, logo, and time to put all this together cost money. By not being consistent enough, I was throwing all of that away. Along with letting an audience that I could’ve had slip away just by not posting or interacting!

Let me tell you that it’s all about to change. In order to change the way this site is run I had to change my mindset and look at my blog as a part of work. Technically it is, because through all of these projects I am investing in myself. Why wouldn’t I want to be continuously making myself & my projects better?


5. Time

TIME IS SO PRECIOUS! I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with certain friends about wasting my time carelessly. Not to say that I am a diva because I’m far from it! But there are so many things to do, people to see, and that doesn’t even include work or commute time..

Everything that one does is time consuming but in order to take care of everything that is going on, I learned I had to set time away from all the chaos in order to give each project the attention it deserves. Including this site.

It’s safe to say that this site definitely got the short end of the stick. I can assure you,  that will no longer be the case. So some nights I’ll have to stay in, or I may have to (dare I say it) stop reading an hour earlier or so. *cringe* It is a small sacrifice I’m going to have to make, and I’m sure I can deal with.

I hope if you’re looking into starting your own blog that this didn’t discourage you at all. Jump right in, and give it your all! At the end of the day, if you’re having fun and enjoying yourself that’s all that truly matters.

Happy blogging!

*Disclaimer: There is a lot more that goes into blogging. These are just the factors that I didn’t account for. Please do more research if you are thinking of starting you own blog. 🙂

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