10 Facts About Me

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My first 10 Facts About Me post! I’m hoping to do this at least once a month.. Or until I run out of interesting facts!

1. I broke my nose. 

It’s actually still broken! But as you can see by the photo, it still works perfectly fine! Let me make this story as short possible.

I was riding a scooter, there was wet cement, I turned a corner & slipped. The scooter flew into the street while my face skidded (Yes, skidded.) across the pavement.

My nose was crooked, swollen, blood all over my face, pieces of skin missing. It was something straight out of a horror movie.

I went to the doctor the next day. Why didn’t I go right away? I don’t remember exactly, but my parents probably figured the Mexican remedies we had would be best, & usually they are! But not on broken bones, c’mon now.

I had x-rays taken & all that fun stuff. Only the tip of my nose was broken, which they said would heal on its own. I could’ve had surgery to fix it but the doctors said I would have to miss 3 weeks of school, & it would just remove the bump. The slight crookedness of the nose would remain. So, being the good student that I was at the time I decided against it.
I have a slight bump on my nose still that nobody could see, but if you rub your finger on a certain part you can feel it. Also if you stare at my face for more than a minute you can notice the slight crookedness. I’ve learned to slightly tilt my head or move just enough so nobody can notice. It’s not a big deal. Not anymore anyway. Now you all somewhat know the story.

So for the few of you who already knew & held it against me, HA! Oh & you’re a still a shitty person for doing so.

2. I can’t walk in heels.

Heaven forbid I ever be put in a situation where I need to walk in heels to save my life because I’d be screwed.

My mom likes to brag about the heels that she used to wear, how huge they were & how it so easy to dance in them all night. Not only did she forget to pass that gene on to her daughter, she never felt the need to buy her daughter heels so that oh, maybe I don’t know, she can practice walking in them?!

When I was little heels were a big “no-no”.

I always heard, “Your feet are going to hurt.”

“You’re not even going to wear them the whole day, just wear chanclas.”

I heard it all. Being the tomboy that I was, one would think that when I were to ask for heels anyone would love to teach me. Apparently not, my parents let me be a tomboy, never jumping at the chance to change me.

When it comes to me dressing up now, purely flats. Which doesn’t help when my already tall friends wear heels. Yes, I know I still have time to learn… Honestly though, I think I’m too old to be turned into a meme for when someone can’t walk in them. By all means that is not how I want to gain any type of internet fame.

3. I played soccer for 4 years & I still suck.

Why? Well I was a chubby child, so where did they put me? As goal keeper, not cool. Didn’t win one game my first season & it ruined me.
I felt as if everything that went wrong in each game was my fault, don’t get me wrong, it was! But you would think after the first season I would get better.. NOPE!

I played 3 more seasons as defense & I felt I was okay. Then we moved & I didn’t have the confidence to continue playing.

I did play in high school for a year, but we sucked. We weren’t even good enough to be put in the yearbook…

4. I have an older brother. *shocker*

Nobody ever believes me since nobody ever sees him & a lot of people think he’s not real. He’s pretty real though, maybe too real sometimes. He doesn’t have a filter & doesn’t hold back, it’s pretty funny. That’s one of the many things I love about my brother. Plus he always has some good advice & gives me credit when it’s due. He’s made me tear up lots of times & always notices when I’m up to something in a good way. He notices all my hard work, supports what I’m working towards, & never fails to tell me how proud he is of me.

It’s always nice to hear, but its amazing hearing it from my older brother. He influenced me a lot while growing up. I think that is one of the reasons why I was/am such a tomboy. I didn’t have anything to go by other than his influences, which I’m really thankful for. I would’ve never gotten into hip hop at such a young age, or wanted to be independent so badly. Don’t get me wrong I still had dolls & strollers, all the girl things, but when it came down to it I wanted to be out riding my bike with him & his friends more than anything.

5. I’m technically a published poet.

I’ve always loved to write. That’s one gene my mom passed onto me. I would write & create my own little stories for days! I still do! I have journals on my bookshelf filled with my creations. I plan on putting together a book with my best ones someday…
I never shared what I wrote with anyone though, not even my family. My intermediate family knew I wrote, but they all assumed it was childish “diary” stuff. Still, nobody was ever allowed to read any of it. Showing them what I wrote was allowing them to see a side of me that I didn’t want anyone to know about. I was also afraid of others telling me I wasn’t any good.

One semester in college I took a creative writing class & it was one of my favorite classes that I’ve ever taken. I was able to be myself & get realfeedback about my pieces. Taking that class was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I was nervous every single time I turned pieces in, but was relieved when I got my work back with smiley faces & compliments.
Every year my college would put a book called “Flight” together full of short stories, poems, art & photography. I had heard of it since I started attending but never had the courage to submit anything. One day my professor wrote on one of my assignments, “Hope you submit this and your other pieces to Flight.”
I thought to myself, “Wow. He really thinks that my work is good enough for that?”

After arguing with myself for days, on the last day for submissions I got over myself & turned in 3 pieces. One got published! You can read it here.

If it wasn’t for that professor, I would’ve never had the confidence to share what I write with the world. It’s still a little scary, but I get over it quickly.

6. I wanted to be a rapper.

As you know I love to write & figured I could totally be a rapper! The idea left me & didn’t come back to mind until high school. I actually ended up downloading some instrumentals & wrote some stuff. I tried my best to record myself, but I found out I couldn’t stay to the beat for the life of me. I know, I know, so sad.

After coming to that roadblock, I never pursued the idea again. I still “remix” the songs I hear on the radio just to get a laugh out my siblings though & it’s really fun.

7. I wanted to be a hip-hop dancer.

My dreams of becoming a dancer were crushed by my own self. I didn’t want to have anything to do with my new school. I was bitter. I took that opportunity away from myself. I think back now, & I probably would’ve had more friends & not been alone the first 2 weeks if I would’ve tried out.

Anyway, so I never tried out & watched from the stands with the rest of the school. To be fair, my old high school had a better dance team, better colors, better costumes, it was motivating to me. This one, not so much.
I still plan on taking hip hop classes! It’s on my bucket list because I need to learn something other than the moves from the ‘Nsync videos I watched growing up. Your girl does a mean “Bye Bye Bye”! Will you ever get to see it? Probably not, but who knows! (You can watch my ‘Nsync Story Time video from my vlog channel here though.)

8. I scrapbook.

YES! I’ve Snappchatted (@gigglesirene) about it before but yeah.

I love to scrapbook & flip through my memories. It’s pretty much all baseball games & amusement park tickets from middle school, up until today’s concerts. Each concert or experience has its own page with pictures of myself, whomever I was with, the venue, & the ticket stub. I can’t wait to show my nieces & nephews all the adventures I had with their parents. I wish they would move, legit Harry Potter status but we’re not there yet.
It’s something I truly enjoy & look forward to doing at the end of the month. I get all my arts & crafts out, start cutting & gluing. It’s really relaxing for me & I love it.

9. I prefer to drive alone.

I’m better off alone when it comes to driving but apparently the universe thinks I’m better off alone in general, but we’ll get to that in another post.

When I have to drive I know how I like things, from the volume, the aux cord, to the music. I can make exceptions when I have my siblings with me. Other than that I cannot be myself in my car, even if I’m driving with certain friends I’ve known for years. I’m perfectly fine being passenger, but if I’m driving & others are in the car.. I don’t know what to do with myself. So if I’ve ever asked you to accompany me somewhere, feel very special. 🙂

 It takes a while for me to become comfortable with certain people in my car. I have to fight so many urges to bust a move, sing at the top of my lungs, or kill that rap verse that I never screw up on. Then the music I listen to is another story…

I have a specific driving playlist that goes from one album to another & so on. So when I’m not able to listen to it correctly it throws off my mood. -_- I know I sound like a major diva, but it’s just my routine & I’m used to it! I’m just comfortable driving alone getting my sing & groove on with no audience to Snapchat it or laugh at me. Hehe.

10. My biggest fear was death.

I say was because I don’t fear it anymore, but when I was little I would think of these crazy scenarios & somehow always come to the conclusion that I was going to die. Talk about having an overactive imagination, right?

I don’t remember when exactly the fear started, I remember constantly being worried when I started communion classes. You know, going to church to learn about God & such. Well they would always talk about heaven & hell, sins & forgiveness. I never thought I was a bad child, but those classes made me question every breath.

“Am I going to get into heaven? What if I go to hell? What’s going to happen when I die?”

That’s what triggered it the most, “What’s going to happen when I die?”

I guess you can say fear of the unknown was the fear, but the overthinking lead me to thinking about death.

Anyway, you can say I’m over it. I’ve accepted that it’s my fate as is everyone else’s. Seeing the Grim Reaper still scares the living crap out of me though, guess you can say I’m still traumatized by ‘death’ a bit. Hehe.

Hope these facts were interesting enough to get you through all 10. I did my best to keep it short & to the point! Remember to subscribe & check out other pages on the site!

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