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I always think about how it’s easier to communicate things now than ever before. (Whether we decide to use it to our advantage or not.) With technology, there’s no telling what a simple e-mail can do to change your life.

Artists especially in certain situations. In a way, this can be argued but in my opinion creators have an advantage when spreading the word about their talents. With social media at their fingertips, their talents can be shared at the click of a button.

This is one of the many topics Oshea and I discussed when we met up 2 weeks before our interview. It was refreshing to have an intelligent conversation about musical talents that are famous today; along with other topics from music, radio, to even life in general. What should’ve been a ten minute conversation, quickly turned into 2 hours and that’s when I realized that Oshea is wise beyond his years.


Oshea reached out to me about being interviewed and (I’m not going to lie) I listened to a few tracks before I responded. I was very impressed with what I heard, from beats to lyricism. I highly dislike to compare a new artist to someone well known. (It’s just not fair.) But I do highly encourage you to check out his latest project “Hiiigher Learnin'”. With a great form of story telling lyricism, Oshea truly puts the listener through different perspectives of life.

Oshea was very understanding when it came to the guidelines of being interviewed, a very respectable and dope person all around. Our interview was held outside in a scenic area within a nearby neighborhood. The heat didn’t get the better of us, neither did the sounds of “nature” if you want to call it that. (You’ll understand once you watch the interview.)

Oshea’s talents come from good genes and life experiences. Being surrounded by his father and uncles who had their own recording studio, from being named after thee Ice Cube; with his family having good ears for music it was only a matter of time until Oshea took a shot at it himself.

His childhood began in Long Beach, which happened to expose him to many negative things that (when you have a listen) adds unique story to his music. Being the young age of twenty-one, he has been highly influenced by current music legends such as Outast & Dr. Dre among many others musically & personally.


With realizing he had a knack for writing poetry, the decision to turn that skill into rap wasn’t certain for Oshea until he was fourteen. About 2 years later he began to record & created a group AGMG (Ace Gang Marley Gang) with a friend. AGMG released 2 mixtapes on Datpiff in 2013 titled “The 30 day Trial” & “Airborne”. With his musical talents growing, he began to be featured on tracks with other local artists.

Oshea recently released a project “Hiiigher Learnin'” (along with 3 solo tracks, “Going Hard“, “Priorities“, & “The Question“) produced by DThree. Oshea describes his project as different and real, with lyrics that paint you different perspectives; I couldn’t agree more.

The 11 track project is refreshing for hip hop, a type of style that is a breath of fresh air. He’s become quite a buzz among many online blogs as well. But you’re here reading mine, so don’t forget who put you on to him as begins to grow within the industry.

Be sure to check out our interview above and stay updated on Oshea and all his newest releases on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

If you’d like to be interviewed please send social media links, streaming links, and a small bio about yourself to contactgigglesirene@gmail.com with “Artist Interview” in the subject line!
*Disclaimer: I have no control when it comes to getting your music radio play despite what companies I work/have worked for or who I know. I apologize in advance.

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