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Yes! You read the the title correctly! New Year Prep! We’re in the month of August and I’m going to be a little hypocritical with everyone for a moment. I’m always one to talk about doing my best to live in the moment, but I can’t help but to think of what 2018 will hold and how I’ll prepare myself to continue to finding success. Have you started thinking about the goals you’d like to set for 2018?

I know, I know.. This is a huge jump from the usual topics of my blog posts, but I’m being serious! I want everyone to be successful in whatever they put their mind to. That means that one must prepare for the road ahead!

BUT don’t get too stressed out about the future. I’m fully aware of the typical cliché’s of ‘what if tomorrow never comes’, or ‘what the goal changes’. Believe me, I understand completely. I’m going through a lot of changes at the moment, but it won’t hurt to take the time to think about a few things since these next 5 months that are left are guaranteed to fly by.

Now you’re probably thinking, “New year prep? What does Irene have to show for herself? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about..”

Well, listen here Negative-Nancy…

At the beginning of 2017 I looked through my journals and picked one that I thought (and hoped) would fit what the year would have in store for me. I picked a blue journal with star constellations on the cover, light blue pages with more constellations within. It gave me a “this is the one” type of feeling and I went with it. I knew that this year would become a dream among the stars. So far, the universe has shown me that I was right.

I wrote down what I wished to accomplish and work on within the first pages of that journal. Then began to break down what steps I’d need to take in order to obtain the main accomplishment. As each day went by I wrote down each trial an error. I wrote about days filled with happiness, whether it had to do with my goals or not. Each day good or bad has an effect on an individual, and I made sure to write down each lesson, frustration, along with every trial and error.

As I began to accomplish things throughout the year, I’d write down the date of accomplishment next to the goal at the front of the journal. This is what has been accomplished so far…

I finally got my website up and running! (That was huge for me.) I started my artist interviews on my podcast, I left a job that I greatly disliked, I began to work with a team that I’ve always looked up to, and (recently) I’ve taken the opportunity to start writing for a hip-hop entertainment site!

I guarantee you that none of this fell into my lap. I prepared, planned, and worked hard to stay as consistent as possible with each project. All because I planned for the new year.

 (because I’m super weird), I have this thing where I believe I need to write everything down. Whether it be in my phone, or in a notebook I write it all down. Inspirational moments, epic events, growth, goals, weird dreams, quotes I like… It helps me remember, especially if I’ll constantly come across it. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to accomplishing goals I write them down to help them become a bit more ‘concrete’.

What I’m really suggesting you should do to help prepare for the year that’s to come is simple. Here we go.. 

Step 1: Get a Journal

When I say get a journal, I don’t mean go out and buy a journal of Egyptian paper, bound with leather from the 1600’s. Don’t exaggerate now. It could be a fancy journal (my favorite places to purchase them are Marshalls, Target, and Barnes & Noble), or a regular composition book! (Those are my favorite as well! They’re only 50 cents!) Anyway, as long as you like it, will be comfortable carrying it & writing in it, then that’s all that matters.

Step 2: Write Down Your Goals.

What is it you hope to accomplish?

Whether it be career goals, small goals having to do with self growth, starting that book you’ve been wanting to write, anything! Write it down. Doesn’t have to be in any particular order, but I do recommend that they be written down in pen to be more permanent within the mind. (Unless you’re not ready for that, then pencil is just as good.)

Also, I always save the first 5 pages (depending on how big the journal’s pages are) to write down all the goals, just in case you come back to add more later! 

Step 3: Prepare

Think of all the steps that you’d need to take in order to get things in motion. Think of these as ‘mini pit stops’ that need to be reached in order to get to your destination.

For instance, when I wanted to start my podcast for example; my smaller goals were to research the best sites to upload to, cost of equipment, advertising etc.

You might not be able to figure out the prep for each goal in one day. Some ideas might even hit you while you’re out and about. If that happens make a note in your phone, save it as a tweet draft, anything! Then when the time comes, write it into your trusty journal!

ALSO, be sure as each day goes by, write down all progress! How you’re feeling, what you did that day (even if it doesn’t have to do with your goals), record your days.. Sort of like a dairy/journal.

You have no idea if hanging with a friend motivated you to work harder, or reevaluate a goal. Write it all down and it’ll make sense! It’s an awesome way to sort out your thoughts, and I promise it’ll be awesome to look back on at the end of the year.

Step 4: Speak it Into Existence

Another one of my weird beliefs is speaking it into existence… Pray about it, call that energy from the universe to you, whatever your thing is do it! It can make a huge difference when challenges come about.
Try to speak to close friends or family about what you wish to accomplish. (If you’re comfortable doing so.) Keep in mind with all positive things, there is a negative opposite. So be cautious of who you speak to… 

I know what it feels like to speak about your goals and have them be shot down, or laughed at. It sucks horribly,but as you continue to work I guarantee you’ll find individuals that believe in you and are possibly going through the same things. Confine in them, as they’ll understand the struggle.

(Feel free to e-mail me as well. I’d be more than happy to give you some words of encouragement!)

Step 5: Take on the World!

Remember that as each day goes by, all you have is time. Don’t let the timelines society has set be the ticking time bomb that haunts you. The world is yours, show it what you got. I mean that wholeheartedly!

Continue to work hard! One won’t get anywhere without hard work, so be sure to consistently work hard and don’t be the one to hold yourself back.

I understand that sometimes life happens and one doesn’t have a choice but to hold off a bit, but remember to continue to go forward.

There will be setbacks, there will be days where you cry tears of anger, frustration, and joy but please remember to always continue! From time to time read the goals that you’ve set and remind yourself why you began in the first place.

The reward of accomplishing what you set your mind to will make you feel invincible, and in reality; we all are.

: This post is based off personal experience. I am not responsible for any outcome based off the advice taken from the post above. 

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