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My friends call me Barbie… Obviously as a joke! It damn sure isn’t because I look like her, but like Barbie I’ve worked various jobs. I’ve worked fast food, receptionist, caretaker, tutor, personal assistant, office manager.. You name it, (most likely) I’ve done it!  I’ll usually work 2 – 3 jobs at a time and I’m not bragging… I wish more than anything to narrow it down to the few jobs that I enjoy, but life hasn’t worked in my favor like that just yet. Other than the fact that I’m able to use all the different experience I gain to take on other opportunities it’s very hard, tiring, and most of all time consuming.

The jobs that I’m currently working in lamest terms are writer, personal assistant, manager and radio intern. Count them, that’s 4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for each one! Some pay my bills, others help me gain experience for where I’d like to go, some do both! Then there are the ones taking a chance on me, allowing me to prove myself.. It’s a cycle of doing what you have to do, to get where you want to be. (While still having respect for yourself too, don’t get too desperate now.)

As you know (if you keep up with me) I also have what I like to call mini-side projects. I do my best to work on them each week like my blog, podcast, and vlog.. As you may have noticed sometimes I’m not very consistent with these projects. Not on purpose, but because I have to sacrifice just enough time for everything else. My way of thinking is, “If I sacrifice a blog post here, a video there, when I am where I want to be, my content will be better because I’ll be in a much better place overall..”
Where does that leave the people who are constantly looking forward to new content? Patiently waiting I hope. *fingers crossed*

Two out of the four jobs I currently have are within the Los Angeles area, because let’s face it! Anything within the music industry whether it be radio, producing etc., the central place to be is Los Angeles. One doesn’t have to necessarily live in LA, but one does have to be willing to commute to chase after those opportunities. So if you’re looking from outside the box, I guarantee that you don’t see the big picture. The commute is one small negative that I compare to all the positives that can spark from this! It’s truly a small sacrifice to hold onto in order to create great opportunities.

BUT when a new opportunity comes about, everyone seems to have an opinion about giving it a shot. To top it off, 99.9% of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with the career path I’m going for.. It’s usually working in an office somewhere or to being a waitress.. I’ve heard it all!

Look, here’s my thing. I have a job. I have a few if we’re going to get technical about it. Some are internships, some aren’t consistent.. BUT I’m not going to allow anything to get in the way of what I got going for me. Yes, I realize my plate is full. I like being busy, and I believe the jobs I have now are preparing me for my future. Why else would I commute, take time away from myself, and invest so much time into them? I know I might be coming off as bitter, but I can assure you I’m not. Of all feelings, I’m frustrated the most. 

This whole train of thought was sparked because of my sister. She recently sent me an Instagram post from a rapper known as The Game. He’s currently looking for a personal assistant. She told me I should apply, that I’m already doing that for someone else, but this would be for The Game.

I told her, no way. She looked at me like I was crazy. She said, “If I were you as soon as I’d seen that, I would’ve contacted him right away.”

But to me, that’s not a good look. I’m all for taking a chance at the things that come your way, but why mess up what I already got going for me?

Remaining loyal to anyone who has been there for for me is very important; whether it be work relationships, friendships, it’s just a personal trait that I admire and wish to continue to uphold. It’s not to say that I will always and forever remain within a particular job forever. If there’s no more room for growth, then (even if it hurts) one has to realize that it may be time to move on. 

The person that I am a personal assistant to now, took a chance on me and I won’t ever let that go to waste. I feel I’m well liked among his team, I’ve gained his trust, I’m learning hands on, and (most importantly) I’m respected and appreciated. I know they say to take risks/chances and I’m all for it; but I don’t want to risk losing one opportunity because the grass looks a little greener on that side.

This isn’t to say that I’ve held myself back from other opportunities after becoming a personal assistant. Recently a radio personality on Twitter recognized my website and offered me the chance to become a writer for his hip-hop site. (You can read what I’ve written so far here.) I accepted and it’s understood that I do have other commitments that may get in the way. Thankfully he’s very understanding, and that’s where my title of writer comes from.

I admit that sometimes I’m deathly afraid of losing the jobs that I have now, especially when life gets in the way. I’m extremely honest with each boss, without giving them too much detail to feel sorry for me because that’s the last thing I want. (I loathe when people feel sorry for me.) 

Although I’m a personal assistant, I’m not always available when I’m needed, I can’t always make it to an event for the radio station, I may not have the time to meet a deadline I set for myself and my mini-side projects.. But I always find some way to get it done, and go above and beyond. I always make sure I’m able to make up for it, not only for their sake but for my sake as well.

I personally think it’s very important to create a name and surround yourself with the correct people. Through these 4 jobs, I’ve been able to meet and work with certain individuals that would’ve never known I existed! Thankfully the people I surround myself with inspire me to better. They believe in the vision and understand the hustle enough to know that if they can get through it, then so can I. It’s understood by everyone that if for some reason I do fall short, it’s NEVER because of laziness or lack of motivation. I’m available to everyone equally, but the time overlaps at times. I try my best not to spread myself too thin and allow opportunity to question my loyalty. My loyalty remains with them and if one day my work with them is done, I’ll still be there to support them in more ways than one.

Through all the countless important people I’ve met this past year, it never fails to make me so proud to say I’m associated with the individuals I work with. One may be able to see the many opportunities one has to “move up” within a certain group or industry, but why? When within your team you can create your own opportunities to grow as a whole. Loyalty and new opportunities at its finest!

So, if anyone ever thinks to themselves as to why I don’t jump at each opportunity, this is my answer. This whole post is why. 

*Disclamer: This post is based off personal experience. I am not responsible for any outcome based off the advice taken from the post above.

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