Chance the Rapper – The Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

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In February of 2017 tickets to Chance the Rapper’s show at The Hollywood Bowl went on sale and since my concert buddy wanted to go, I figured why not? I had already missed his most recent show at The Greek Theater and from the Snapchat stories of friends that attended, I didn’t want to miss out.

My feelings about the Hollywood Bowl are kind of weird. The venue and scenery are very beautiful, the parking though… Not so much. Just a tip in case you ever find yourself there for a show, the parking is stacked so it may be better to get there super early, or park down the street and walk. Also, be sure to leave early anyway because the exits for the Bowl will be backed up for days on end. I’m talking 45+ minutes in traffic.

I was afraid that we were going to miss the beginning of his performance because of traffic. While we were at a dead stop, there was people selling t-shirts and fake 3 hats on the shoulder of the freeway. About 20 minutes into us sitting there, fans started to run down the shoulder to the venue. This terrified me, not so much for their safety (I know that sounds bad but we were literally parked on the freeway), but because I thought maybe they knew that he was about to hit the stage.


At around 8:45 PM we had parked and made our way up to the doors of the venue. It was packed with people and I was prepared to walk up to the higher levels of the bowl. When they checked our tickets I was extremely proud of my concert buddy for getting such good seats. 

Since we were in traffic, we missed the opener but were sat in time for DJ Orero’s set. He was pretty dope as he mixed old school Miley Cyrus into DMX, taking it way back with the classics of “A Thousand Miles” then bring it up to date with some J. Cole and Kanye West. The energy from the crowd wasn’t what I usually experience from a show, it was a mix of excitement and curiosity. It was weird and I couldn’t comprehend why the “hype” feeling wasn’t felt.

Chance rode onto the stage on a small scooter with the instrumental for “Mixtape” playing, and one can hear the happiness within the crowd as his voice projected throughout the venue.

I’ve been told by many music lovers that since I am a fan of Kanye West, it’s a given that I’m a Chance the Rapper fan; but that’s not true. Although I do enjoy his music, I don’t think I have the right to call myself a fan.

I had no idea about any of his projects such as “Acid Rap” or “10 Days.” The only reason I knew of “Coloring Book” was because it was all over Twitter! I downloaded it and sure enough, I enjoyed it. Not enough to make me want to dive into who Chance the Rapper was, but his music was played from time to time.

I’ve always thought that his voice in unique in more ways than one. From the way it sounds, to the way he uses his platform for the greater good; his music is one of those “voices” that he uses to his full advantage and he got me really good that night.

When I listen to music it’s to feel emotion, either to help express what I’m feeling or put me into a certain type of mood. Sometimes it’s just background noise. The music that I had heard from Chance made me feel like I was missing something, don’t get me wrong it was nice to listen to! But it didn’t take away from the fact that I felt there was a message that I wasn’t getting when it came to his music..

Music allows the listener to feel emotion whether it be excitement, motivation, sadness or whatever it may be. Chance’s music truly uplifted me that night. Throughout that whole concert even though I only knew his radio play songs, the other songs he performed touched me in a way that made me believe anything I wanted, I can have it as long as I stay within good spirits and have faith.
Now, it’s only common sense right? It’s stuff that I’m constantly preaching to others but I’m one to give advice and not take it myself. That night someone was giving the advice I give, back to me.

I’m not an obsessed Chance the Rapper fan as of yet, but it’s a possibility that it may happen in the near future. There were many songs of his that I’ve added to the soundtrack of my life, and there’s an understanding as to why I feel certain things when I hear them. The confusion and sense of being lost is gone, it’s more of a feeling of guidance and peace of mind. It’s a great feeling.

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