Dare House – “WYNN”

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The first time I was exposed to local artist Dare House was a few years ago during Tukes Arts Expo. A local festival that is put on yearly to show case local talent; from artists, photographers, and film makers alike. (They’re next one will be happening in November 2017, you can get more info here.) Dare House was one of the performers that I’ve kept up with for some years now.

From showing up to local performances, to being trusted to hear Dare House exclusives firsthand, it’s been great to watch him grow. (You can listen to Dare House “Hi5” Mixtape here.) If anyone were to ever take a ride with me, there is a chance you’ll hear those tracks on a playlist or two…


“WYNN” is a special project in it’s own right for a few reasons; it’s a special Dare House production in dedication to his late cousin who was a victim to suicide, and it is also Dare’s first project to be available via all streaming platforms.

The project features the many talents that Dare House has from his rapping skills, to great singing abilities. Each track flows smoothly with great transition.

The project starts off with a funky guitar riff and soon the instrumental begins with a “Michael Jackson” type of vibe, the track finishes with what I’d like to call Dare’s signature “pop.” (Once you hear it, you’ll know.)

The next track is one that he’s been promoting via social media for a while, with a slight rap feel and a Street Fighter “perfect” sample (which you’ll hear throughout the project); this track can easily become a favorite. Be sure to watch the lyric video below.

The project as a whole shows the different type of sound that Dare House can create and master during his career. From pop, funk, and hip-hop, one can hear the many influences that have had an influence on him as in artist in the best ways possible.

There are so many questions I have for Dare House about his career, and where he plans to go. From being featured on other artists songs, to being a part of a few bands, there’s no telling where he’ll be in a matter of years if the right ears are listening. Keep your fingers crossed for scheduling to work out and hopefully you’ll hear Dare House on an episode of GI Podcast!

Don’t let my opinion fool you though, go ahead and have a listen for yourself. Be sure to let him know which tracks are your favorite via his social media!

Follow Dare House on InstagramTwitterSoundcloud, subscribe to his YouTube channel, & be sure to stream “WYNN” via all streaming platforms.

*Disclaimer: I have no control when it comes to getting your music radio play despite what companies I work/have worked for or who I know. I apologize in advance.

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