Oshea – “Stop Dreamin'” EP

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Oshea has been quiet for a while now, but as with most artists; when they’re quiet, they’re working. Last we heard from Oshea was late July after his project “Hiiigher Learnin'” had dropped. You can check out our interview here.

In early November a video was released by a different local artist; DThr33, that had Oshea featured on the track. You can watch the video for it below. It was around this time that a little birdy told me new music was on the way..


Now as November comes to an end, thanks are in order with the holiday season. As usual everyone gives thanks for the same things; our health, family, friends and for some of us we also give thanks to new music.

On Thanksgiving, (November 23rd, 2017, which also happens to be Oshea’s birthday. So wish him a happy belated!) Oshea’s “Stop Dreamin'” was released.


The 5 track EP shows fans what they’ve always known him to be capable of; from storytelling, portraying emotion, and dope beats produced by Cwnce.

The beats set a vibe from the get-go when it comes to this particular project. It starts off as chill with a bit of mystery as to what will come next. Speaking on how society “has been sleeping on him for a long time,” opening the eyes of the listener.
Nightmares (which is one of my favorite tracks lyrically), takes the EP a bit deeper. Speaking on what he’s been through and how easy it is to “say things for the record” because there really is a lot going on in this world. Be sure to give it a listen yourself below, and let him know what you think via his social medias.

A music video for single “RELAX” was dropped recently as well. Having it directed by JAAY380Y, the visual consists of Oshea rhyming down the street. Certain colors more vibrant than others, allowing the listener to focus on what’s being said within the track.

Be sure to stay updated with Oshea & his latest projects by subscribing following his social media’s; FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and Soundcloud.

Of course check out “Stay Dreamin'” below.


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