GI Playlist #3

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This week’s playlist features local (Inland Empire) artists, as well as a few that are on the come up for 2018. The focus of these lists is to spread good music, & I hope that I am doing just that for you. 🙂

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Rich I.E. – “IDFWA” ft. Jayy Starr (Prod. by Sixxxo)
The I.E. stands for Inland Empire, if you didn’t already know & that is what Rich represents. From producing & engineering his own music he’s a stand out artist that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Be sure to check out his newest track “IDFWA” below.
SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.

Solomonilla – “Top Down Pt. 2” (Prod. by David Morse)
The Maryland based MC currently lives in LA & has vibes for days. This is his most recent track (that I know of), released via ELEVATOR. Be sure to keep up with him via social media to stay updated. His vibe is unique, & easy listenable.
SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter & Instagram.

Gatson – “Boston (Forever Remix)”
Stumbled upon this artist via a friend.. Although I had seen his tweets on the timeline before I had no idea that he was an artist. The 22 yr old is a Chicago native who just dropped a single titled “Bulletproof.” It’s not the song I featured today, but I wanted to share what song made me become interested in Gatson. Be sure to tune in because as more music comes about, you’re more than likely to see his name come up again.
Soundcloud, Instagram & Twitter.

MaZhe – “MesmeriZed”
MaZhe is a San Diego rapper that also happens to be a friend of mine. Don’t let that turn you off from his music though, I was a fan way before I actually met him. His latest project “What I Learned” is available via all streaming platforms & he recently released a video for “Wishful Thinking.” He’s a dope lyricist that matches the emotion felt within his music. Tune in to my favorite track off his latest project, “MesmeriZed.”
SoundCloud, Twitter & Instagram.

Miko Allen – “Oh I”
The Corona native started making music at a young age. From producing to writing, he is also creative in other areas such as fashion & film. Hoping to collab soon on a few projects with him in the near future to get to know him more. Check out my favorite track of his “Oh I” below.
SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

The Game – “Dreams”
In honor of the 13th anniversary of “The Documentary” I had to pay tribute to one the albums that I believe is a classic. I’ve been a huge fan of The Game since his mixtape days thanks to my older brother & will always be a fan. To pick only one track though was such a difficult task! I did it though, & here we are with “Dreams.” The emotion & story line behind this song was something that any listener can truly feel through each word. Hoping his next project leads to a tour because it’s been a while seen I’ve seen him live.(Do you really need me to place The Game’s social’s? I didn’t think so… But here they are anyway.)
Instagram & SoundCloud.

Beginning to expand my search & hope to have better themes each week. If you have any suggestions that are hip-hop or R&B related comment below! (Or hit me via my social media!)

*If you didn’t make it to this weeks playlist there’s always next week.
**These playlist have NO association with any of the companies I work for.
I have NO control getting you blog placements elsewhere or radio play.
***If you haven’t already, you can submit your music here.

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