GI Playlist #4

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I know, I know. I’ve skipped a whole month. Good thing is, I’m back now. Prepared, head in the right place! Confidence growing by the day along with the artists that I discover, or should I say discover me. Enjoy this week’s list! Be sure to submit your homies music here.

Playlist #4

Correy C – “No Pressure” (Produced by Meez & Louie Ji)
Of course I gotta show love to Mittee Gang, but it’s also well deserved! Correy just dropped his “Digital Scale” EP that is solely produced by Meez & Louie Ji. I wanted to share my favorite track with y’all because I ain’t selfish & I hope you enjoy.
Soundcloud, Twitter, & Instagram.

Bobby B – “Wish U Had 1” Feat. Sleezyb (Prod. by Jimmy Mirrorz)
A local to the I.E. Bobby has been on my radar for a while, currently waiting for our schedules to line up in order to interview him on this seasons podcast. All in due time though, for now listen to his latest track. It’s rap with a bit of funk that flows well with the track. It’s just enough on both ends.
Soundcloud, Instagram, & Twitter.

TC DOE! – “Bounce Out With That” (Freestyle)
A fellow San Diego native that was gifted with a rough voice that makes any track sound tough. Discovered him through his manager that pushes him to the fullest. Currently waiting on more music, but for now check the mans bars on this freestyle & get in touch via his socials below.
Soundcloud, Twitter, & Instagram.

ScribeCash – “Won’t Give Up Now”
Very rare that I stumble upon a female MC, let alone one from the I.E. ScribeCash is rare as she has a unique rap style along with a great voice. Mix the two & she’s her own little duo that can get as creative as she pleases. As of right now she’s on tour with Futuristic & it only shows that her fan base will only continue to grow.
YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram.

Jimmy Waters – “Runways”
A precious find thanks to Twitter. Couldn’t find much information on him besides his social media accounts.. I listened to his recent release of “Hu$tle Over Luck” & Runways stuck out to me the most. We’ll see what the future holds for him, apparently it’s JimmySZN.
Twitter & Instagram.

Kidd Brother – My Jam Feat. ScribeCash
A northern California native that released a project titled “In My City” that contains 11 tracks. I chose “My Jam” to share with you as it features ScribeCash & contains an old school feel by using Snoop Dogg’s “Ain’t No Fun” sample. Check it out along with the whole project via his soundcloud.
SoundCloud, Instagram, & Twitter.

3rd – “Pop” (Produced by Chucky Beatz)
If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen this name before. Let me tell you that you will continue to see 3rd pop up on my playlist suggestions as long as he continues to put music out.. So the way he works thing will be every once in a while. But at least when he drops it’s so worth the wait. Hoping this encourages him to release more tracks.
Soundcloud, Twitter, & Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks playlist! Looking forward to what I’ve been hearing for next week! Be sure to tell your homies to submit their music!

*If you didn’t make it to this weeks playlist there’s always next week.
**These playlist have NO association with any of the companies I work for.
I have NO control getting you blog placements elsewhere or radio play.
***If you haven’t already, you can submit your music here.

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