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We all seem to hear the same old cliche phrases as the new year comes. Social media goes crazy with what energy & types of people are getting cut off. The need for retweets seems to be something addictive because it’s the same shit every year, & we all know changes can be made any day we choose. Guess some people enjoy the negativity around them until the new year for some odd reason. *shrugs*

Anyway, with this ‘clean slate‘ feeling that seems to take over as December comes to an end, there are a few things I’ve personally made into a habit. Nothing having to do with friendships or people, more clearing out of the clutter. Whether that be within my mind, material items, or cleaning up the desk space that I’ll surely be sitting at for the next 12 months. Most of my surroundings get a mini makeover making me feel refreshed & prepared to take everything on.

DSC05774.JPGBefore the beginning of each new year, I go through my stash of journals & pick the chosen one. It’ll end up holding my newest goals on the first few pages & will be carried with me everywhere. Always found nearby to jot down ideas, emotions, & pretty much anything. Don’t confuse it with a diary though. *barf emoji* This isn’t where I write about my crush or anything of the sort! It’s more of a reflective journal… When situations arise that help change my perspective, teach me a lesson, or impact me in a positive way it gets written down. Sadly these past few years I haven’t had a chance to fill one up the way I’d like to, but nonetheless, it gets filled one way or another. It’s dope to reflect on as a whole at the end of the year & usually closes with a reflective letter to myself before the year begins.

DSC05814.JPGOne of my favorite things to do is reorganize things! Whether it be for myself or others, it’s so relaxing to me! I constantly reorganize my spaces throughout the year, but right before the new year is the biggest of tasks because everything gets moved around or cleaned out.

I look through my drawers & closet to get rid of anything I haven’t worn in the past 3 months. I clear out my shelves to get rid of books (tear) & any little knick-knacks that I saved for any odd reason & question whether it’s worth saving until my next reorganizing session. Pretty much anything that doesn’t still hold any sentimental value gets thrown in the donation/yard sale pile. Clutter be gone!

Once all of that is out of the way, it’s time to reflect a bit more with all the fun experiences of the past year! Photos, wristbands, & concert tickets that have been shoved into a box year round are spread out, arranged by date, & pasted into a scrapbook! Of course, there’s plenty of empty space as everything is placed on paper because film isn’t developed the way it was before. No matter, eventually pictures get printed & placed along with decorative items because that’s just how I scrapbook things. It’s dope to look back on & will always be something I can’t wait to show off to my future nieces & nephews!

DSC05821.JPGLast but not least, creating a Vision Board for 2019. This is actually the first year I’ll actually be making a vision board & I want it to become a yearly habit. I came across the idea via social media a few years ago & have loved it ever since. You get a board of any sort & place pictures, phrases to live by, or anything one aspires to reach throughout the year on said board & let it continuously inspire you. I look at it as a scatterbrained plot for the new year. Mind you, goals for the new year were already written & planned out more or less at the end of August but the vision board is more of a constant reminder.

DSC05826.JPGAnyway, this year I went out & bought a blue board because I read somewhere that blue is calming, & got straight to work. I won’t go into specifics of what I put on my board but I hope to take on & accomplish everything I envision for the new year. I hope to not let myself get too hung up on checking things off the board either though, ideally I want it to help push me but we’ll see what ends up happening. Be sure to check back in throughout the year as I’ll be documenting everything that gets accomplished!

I know this wasn’t posted with enough time for someone to take on before the new year begins, but these tasks can be completed the first week of January too!

With great memories, a clutter-free space all around, & a heart full of inspiration is how I plan on entering the new year. Okay, maybe a few drinks will be hand but that’s normal for New Year’s Eve, right? Wishing everyone who reads this a great 2019! ♥️

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