Kee Riche$: Episode 01

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The first guest on Giggles Irene Radio is Compton’s own Kee Riche$! Something that I’ve always admired about Kee aside from his music is the way he carries himself & executes his ideas. Since I’ve met him, his energy has always seemed so pure & as the months have gone by it still holds true. As he does the city that he knows & loves justice, he carries the stories of others on his back through his music & is more than willing to be that voice.

On this episode, we discuss his plans for his GETRICH brand & squad, new music that will be dropping on April 19th, & what his aspirations are for the year.

Airs every Monday at 7 pm PST/ 10 pm EST on Dash Radio’s 1am Radio!
Search ‘Kee Riche$’ on all streaming services!

Tune in below!




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