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This week for our videos of the week:

Rucci – “Trip to New York” Shot by REALMOVIE Prod. by RoMo
Fans have been waiting for this track for what seems like forever & what better time to drop when all eyes are on him, especially with the way Rucci loves to tease with snippets. Shot by REALMOVIE, it’s great to see an artist take advantage of the different scenery when visiting other cities! Especially when it’s one that isn’t just a drive away! It’s almost as if he’s bringing us fans along for the ride & it’s appreciated!
The RoMo produced track is fire, per usual, & even contains a dope switch up that nobody expected. Making the song that much more special.
The track is currently available on all platforms.

Az Chike – “Diarrhea/Saki” Shot by REALMOVIE Prod. by Fortwoe
A few days ago Az Chike delivered his “YORS TRULY” EP completely produced by Fortwoe, & the next day he delivered this dope visual. Shot by REALMOVIE, we seen multiple Chike’s all over in his Don Julio Dior’s as he effortlessly adds emphasis on his raps through his facial expressions & tone. Then one hears his soon to be familiar whistle & we’re suddenly eye to eye with him as the scene changes to be a bit darker.
It’s nice to see artists fall into their creativity as their career continues, the growth that he’s shown over the past few years has been great to watch.
You can stream “YORS TRULY” out now.

ALLBLACK – “The Goal Line” Prod. by DTB
ALLBLACK brings us a huge dose of the realness that is felt within his “The Goal Line” track & brings forth the same energy within the visual. Within the DTB production, as usual, ALLBLACK thanks his fans for fucking with him & brings us into his mindset head-on. He’s seen getting ready late into the light with lyrics of “I live the fast life to cover up the past life..” as he takes a shot & hops into a car for a late-night ride.
As the song continues, it feels as though he’s thinking out loud with his demons, yet completely aware of where life is headed, ending his last verse with “Money ain’t nothing when you gone.”
The track is available now on all platforms.

Shordie Shordie – “L.O.V.”
From his “More Than Music” release, Shordie Shordie delivers a visual for single “L.O.V.” which is a personal favorite from the album. It’s nice to see a visual that aligns with the song, as viewers watch Shordie singing to his love interest. Trouble in paradise is the theme if one takes a moment to listen, but he’s doing his best to communicate things. The visual brings the lyrics to life showcasing some puppy love that may be fading.
Stream “More Than Music” out now on all platforms.

Chuuwee & Trizz – “3.5” Prod. by Colin Brackett Shot by Castro of NewHighFilmz
The collaboration of Chuuwee & Trizz is nothing new for fans, it’s been happening & enjoyed by fans for years. Their visual for “3.5” showcases a split-screen with Chuuwee delivering his verse as Trizz waits his turn, & vice versa. Both reacting to each other’s lines, one could jokingly say the visual is a form of social distancing. Seriously though, it’s a simple yet unique visual that allows fans to listen to the lines that are being delivered.
Stream “3.5 (Eighth)” out now on all platforms.

Mac P Dawg – “Salt Shaker” Feat. Doley Barnays Prod. by Bruce24k
Couldn’t pass up posting Mac P Dawg’s latest visual for single “Salt Shaker.” Over a Bruce24k production, the visual shows Mac P & Doley vibing to the beat in what looks like some sort of basement. With the perfect red lighting, it gives off the impression that two might be up to something, & it’s sure to involve making money in one way or another.
The single is available on all platforms.

1TakeQuan – “MF” Feat. 1TakeJay Shot by Bobby Astro Prod. by RoMo & LowTheGREAT
When I think of the 1TakeBoyz, the first two words that come to mind are funny & ratchet. That is definitely what 1TakeQuan & 1TakeJay bring in their latest visual for “MF.” I can only imagine that as these boyz get older, they’ll still have plenty of ratchet in them, so this was just a slight preview of what the future is sure to hold.
With a catchy chorus & plenty of humor from start to finish, it just makes the song as a whole that much more enjoyable.
“MF” is out now on all platforms.

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