Kee Riche$ “H42D DAY” Music Video

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Kee Riche$ doesn’t let up when it comes to any sort of release, whether it’s a single, a surprise EP, or even a new merch drop, he seems to always be at the ready with something new. Today he makes his GI blog debut with his “H42D DAY” music video.
Even with the stay at home order, Riche$ found his way around what was going on to shoot this visual. A true testament to his determination & mindset of the grind doesn’t stop.

Shot by Dundee Films, Riche$ is seen with crew surrounding him as he opens with the line, “Nah I ain’t worried about a b*tch, Number one goal is just trying to get rich.” The melody of the beat carrying his lines as he smiles reciting them for the camera. As scenes switch to & from different parts of the city, the visual is a small window into the environment & the people that have helped raised him. Watch & share the visual below.

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