Craigy F “Potential”

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Have you ever heard a song for the first time & it starts to come alive cinematically in your head? That is what Craigy F’s “Potential” does for me & I hope it stirs something with you once you tune in.

Craigy begins the track speaking on an individual who is so young with so much potential. As he warns listeners of the dangers that the city may hold, whether that be the drugs, pain, or other individuals that can cause harm; it’s an ode to what could have been. Yet, his vocals seem to touch the roots of faith of those who listen. He reminds them of the positive that is still there, shedding light on the fact that maybe, just maybe, whoever he’s speaking to can find their way back to themselves. I hope whoever he’s speaking of finds their way to their full potential. Stream & share the track below.

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