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This week our favorite videos are:

D Smoke & Snoop Dogg – “Gaspar Yanga” (Shot by Sergio)
If you watched D Smoke take over Rhythm & Flow, then you know why this collaboration is a dope. Not only is it because Snoop Dogg himself is so legendary, but the line that turned into a moment on the show that quickly spread that has now resulted in this is what I wasn’t expecting at all. D Smoke’s music contains plenty of story & he continues that throughout this movie-like visual. Watch below!

Tee Grizzley – “Robbery”
If you haven’t already caught on in regards to the type of visuals I like, well here’s another tip: story. The latest visual from Tee Grizzely is pretty much a play by play of his song that is laid out pretty well. Each line that he raps is acted out within the visual until the end & is to be continued… So I hope you watch & like me, are waiting for what’s to come next.

Problem – “Don’t Be Mad at Me”
Problem’s visuals have always interested me & I chose this one for this week because (it’s new &) he truly caught me off guard. It even sort of made me feel a bit dumb at the end because of course, I thought he was up to no good. But, I’m also used to Problem having a little something up his sleeve. Like when he was releasing a new single every week & the cover art was a puzzle, stuff similar to that. I have a feeling he might be extending this visual into another & again, I’ll stay tuned for it.

Earthgang – “Avenue”
Animated visuals seem to be perfect for right now with all that’s going on, but if you’re going to do it you gotta make sure it’s done right. That is where Earthgang comes in! As they continue to drop visuals from their “Mirrorland” album (which had a pretty dope cover art as well), “Avenue” is Chapter 2 in their series (you can watch Chapter 1 here), & it’s something that will truly have you diving into a world that isn’t our own. That’s what their music seems to do, so it’s nice that their visuals intrigue the mind the same way. Watch below!

Sham1016 – “Curtain Call” (Shot by Alan Be & Drew Robinson Prod. by TC & Corey G)
Sham caught me a little off guard this morning as he dropped little easter eggs about some of his visuals… He also may or may not have stated that he’ll continue this little pattern so I hope this makes others pay more attention to detail. Sham’s visuals are always well thought out, shot very well, & then presented to fans. Boom. That’s all you need. Watch below!

1TakeJay – “Fucked Up” (Shot by Carrington Prod. by LowTheGREAT)
When someone hears the title “Fucked Up” what comes to mind? I know when I heard a visual was being shot for this, I had no idea what was going to come of it. Of course, the very creative 1TakeJay wouldn’t let this be just any regular visual. The damage that was taken & the lengths they went for this was too dope not to share & highlight. Watch below!

To submit your music video for next week, submit here.

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