Sham1016 “Curtain Call” Music Video

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Sham1016 is one of those artists that takes his time to add a lot of creativity & personal touch to everything he releases. Whether it be within his own visuals, projects, or even features, the impact his talent holds shines through confidently & I’m here for every bit of it.

From his most recent solo release “Fade,” Sham had released his “Curtain Call” visual shot by Alan Be & Drew Robinson. Appropriately titled, as it is the last track on the EP with production from TC & Corey G.
The visual opens up with Sham in a sort of daze as we get a sort of window into his thoughts via the projector that plays onto the wall. Capturing his thoughtfulness perfectly, he finishes his verse & is quickly thrown into a different scape as the beat changes. Surrounded by dry desert, he doesn’t travel far as the music sets in, the same pensive stare locked on his face.

Watch his latest visual below!
Learn a bit more about him & his latest solo project “Fade” here:

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