Ride4Blackk “Flyer Things” Feat. AzChike Prod. by Drxmma

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Mackk&Cult have come together again, but this time with not so many friends. Ride4Blackk & AzChike deliver “Flyer Things” produced by Drxmma & it’s something that you’ll definitely be adding to all your playlists.
As soon as you hear Chike whistle, you know he’s about to let loose & hurt some feelings. He does just that within the opening verse, showing off his pettiness & handing it off to Blackk. Bringing the same energy &  confidence, Blackk knows what he brings to the table in any situation & doesn’t let his time or verses go to waste. The track is unique as the back & forth allows the duo to deliver freestyle like verses that sound effortless. Hoping to get more tracks like this from them & other members of the crew soon. Tune in below!

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