White John “Dooked Up” Prod. by 420 Tiesto & Benny Ave

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It’s been a few months since White John released his “Cases Pending” project, and if you know good music then you still have it in heavy rotation. Now there’s a new single we can all add to our Mackk&CO playlist titled “Dooked Up.” Produced by 420Tiesto & Benny Ave, John comes in calmly per usual while he reflects on the past then the sh*t talking begins. While he raps, White John’s demeanor is so laid back, you won’t realize that he dissed you & possibly your BM until you run it back. In all seriousness, the tranquil way he delivers his raps & his wordplay going hand & hand within his story makes “Dooked Up” a dope listen.  Listen & share the track below!

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