Interview: AzSwaye “The Bird Whisperer” EP

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When it comes to the Los Angeles rap scene, AzSwaye has been cementing his path for quite some time now. Whether it’s from his viral hits or by reaching milestones with his Cult brothers, Swaye continues to deliver music that keeps luring fans in. As the classics continue to gain recognition, & the new music garners new fans, Swaye is determined to keep delivering what he feels is best. With that, we’re granted “The Bird Whisperer” EP.

The 5 track EP is short yet captivating keeping fans on edge for what’s to come, & according to Swaye there’s so much more in store. With production from Fortwoe, Ron Ron, LowTheGREAT, & Nick Dow, Swaye slides on each track covering every part of his bird dictionary with various tones of delivery, & brings along Rucci for the ride. From a hilarious intro to a stunning “Bird A$$ Bitch, Pt.3”, much like the cover, the project showcases all sides of Swaye & we got to speak with him about it.

  • Your opening track uses the Family Guy bird audio, how did that idea come about?
    AZSWAYE: Actually I did it at the last moment… I always try to come different than others. Cadences & just things having a whole meaning to projects matter to me. Anybody can rap… anybody can rhyme… anybody can put on some clothes & try to imitate a life they never been around but not everybody can take moments out their life then put them into a song that others can also relate to.
  • You’ve been carrying the bird lingo for a minute. What made you so attached to using that lingo?
    AZSWAYE: When I truly thought about it… Women are birds, but not even in a bad way cause I know that shit sounds horrible but not all birds are weak. A dove is rare, you can’t just walk around & see a dove. What do birds do when they see a lot of bread??? They come in a FLOCK! [Laughs] What do bitches do if they see a n***a with a lot of money??? They come in FLOCKS! Bingo.
  • “Bird A$$ Bitch Pt 3,” what was the vibe for this track that you decided to make this the third part?
    AZSWAYE: Well at this time I knew I was finna give y’all this EP & LowTheGreat told me to pull up on [him] so we knocked out some tracks. He played that beat & it gave me the vibe lowkey from the first one but he produced that track also, so I just felt like talking shit about this bird who I use to fuck with who be tryna get my attention. She used to ask for me to rap about her so there she go.
  • What was your thought process on creating “The Bird Whisperer”? Did you know you were gonna make this EP or was it just some songs you had that fit well together?
    AZSWAYE: I was gone use that title for my project but I got something special for y’all instead. Honestly, I didn’t think of even giving y’all an EP during this weak ass time in life but I got a shit load of music. And I know my fans truly fuck with me & are probably just as bored as me, so I thought about if I wanted my favorite rapper to drop & how’d I react, then gave out the EP. Them songs the lightest I’m coming this year though, so I felt y’all should just get a little appetizer till the main course.
  • What’s the past year been like for you music-wise? Is your confidence the same whenever you drop? Are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? AZSWAYE: Music for me the past year has been amazing, honestly. From coming to being a student at these festivals then being able to bless those stages with my brothers & homies is beyond a blessing so I can’t stress or complain. Not gone hold you, I feel like I’m my biggest critic when it comes to my music, man. I be overthinking a lot!!! But I know that just means I’m never satisfied and can go further with my talent. By far, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone I been challenging myself a lot lately in the studio.
  • You say this is just the EP, what can you tell us about your next project that will be different?
    AZSWAYE: You will hear my struggle, my pain, less me talking about birds who truly don’t matter, different flow patterns, different beats, storytelling, & why I am the reason LA rap the way they do now.
  • Are you staying motivated during quarantine? If so, how?
    AZSWAYE: I’m still in the studio FUCK THE RORO!!! Yessssssssssir!! If I ain’t at the studio I’m playing warzones high as fuck. If you keep your mind positive you beat the negatives.
  • Any tips for upcoming artists that may feel a little discouraged with what’s going on?
    AZSWAYE: Stay consistent. Stay focused. Stay motivated. Invest in yourself & don’t depend on nobody. Don’t expect everybody to support you, a dream is just a dream until they see it’s your reality.

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