IG LIVE Interview: Slumlord Trill

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Sometimes tagging along to random sessions can result in finding talent that is new to you, that is what happened a few months ago while tagging along to a session one random night in the city. Since I didn’t know a majority of the people there (& the ones I did know were there to work), it allowed me to sit back & observe the individuals who were present working. The talent that I discovered that day went by the name Slumlord Trill.

As Cypress Moreno played beats, Trill & the homies vibed out & ended up playing some songs that were already finished. Within those 20 or so minutes, I was in awe of what I was hearing & was hooked. I knew I had to keep tabs on what Trill was working on. After following him on social media, I waited for a release of anything new to share. Somehow after all that, we ended up here.

With the release of his latest project “Good Dope Sells Itself,” we spoke about eventually getting together for an interview & with the times we made the best with what we got. Below, you’ll find out Instagram LIVE interview where we break down the meaning of his project’s title, his favorite songs from the project, how features came about & more. (Please look past the small technical difficulties we had.) I appreciate all who tapped in! Hope you enjoy!

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