Vinny West “Everything Personal” EP

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Vinny West has gained his core following & ever-growing buzz through his fire singles that get everyone turnt! It truly isn’t a party if some of West’s tracks aren’t in rotation & for those who have been following him for a minute, steering from that could be a bit nerve-wracking, especially for West.

I recall seeing tweets about a week or so before the release where he was preparing fans for what was to come. It’s always scary to put oneself out there, especially through a craft that molds one into categories & sounds. To have one explain themselves before the music arrives can be worrisome, at least for the fans who haven’t fully hopped onto the Vinny West bandwagon. Then there are the core fans that just appreciate the warning but know there’s nothing to worry about.

West’s “Everything Personal” EP contains 7 tracks, opening with the familiarity that fans are sure to recognize. Transitioning to a few slowed down tracks, West speaks on having a real one in his corner to being open about his emotions. To aid in not getting flustered in one’s feelings, he closes it off with some heat that is sure to be around the timeline for weekends to come.
Truly an easy listen all the way through with no skips & honestly, it’s something that I hope Vinny West is proud of! Be sure to stream & share it below!

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