Kota the Friend “Everything” Album

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Kota the Friend has released his “Everything” album recently & it’s been difficult to do this body of work justice through words. From his beat selection, the topics he covers, & the pieces of home that one can find throughout; it’s great from beginning to end for those of us that are still looking to be inspired through music.

If you’ve tapped into my blog or social media posts, then you’re fully aware of the love I have for Kota & his music since first discovering him. As he continues to grow as an artist, one thing that continuously stays familiar is his sound & way with words, which makes keep him on my list of favorites.

His beat selection on “Everything” assists in his telling with little to no distraction, it’s literally the background music to his voice that seems so natural. Settling the soul of listeners as they take a moment to hear what is being said.
Touching on finding his balance between life’s goals & raising his son, to adding a bit of Spanish with ‘mi casa, es su casa,’ he chooses to inspire & speak his truth of different versions of success.

One of the most important lessons that stuck out to me throughout the project was in regards to finding validation. Not so much finding it within material things or from others, but finding it from within the person that matters most, ourselves.
I highly encourage you to tap in with Kota the Friend. If you’re going to start somewhere, “Everything” is a great place to start.

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