INTERVIEW: Drakeo the Ruler speaks on “Thank You for Using GTL”

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Drakeo the Ruler has released a few freestyles lately following up his “Free Drakeo” tape that arrived in March of this year. With some encouragement & production from HitMob’s Joog, Drakeo felt it was time to deliver some new music that would uniquely be his own shaking up the city once again. As he sits behind bars awaiting a new trial date he figures he has nothing else to lose. With that, he’s released “Thank You for Using GTL.”


Thanks to the constant updates & highly informative reporting of Jeff Weiss (more links can be found at the bottom of this article), fans of Drakeo the Ruler have been able to stay up to date on every move in regards to Drakeo’s case. From what’s going on with The Stinc Team, new & rescheduled court dates, & the continued corruptness of the D.A. It has not only aided in fans in staying in the know, but it’s also brought a lot of awareness to the cruelty of the case since Drakeo should be a free man.
He was acquitted of all charges, murder & conspiracy to murder, yet is awaiting trial for criminal gang conspiracy & shooting from a motor vehicle. He ain’t do nothing wrong& we touch on that within our conversation.

TYFUGTL holds 19 tracks (including the intro) all recorded over GTL, an inmate telephone service where an account is created where minutes are purchased to make phone calls. Throughout the mixtape, you’ll hear “This call is being recorded”  & “Thank you for using GTL” as another reminder that you’re listening to a jail tape.
Thanks to the epic production of Joog, LD Tha Monsta, Menace, Ace the Face, & Fizzle along with mixing from Navin, a tape that sounds this good from behind bars is unheard of & Drakeo has effortlessly set the bar high once again.

Throughout the mixtape, listeners will hear the fire sh*t talking yet nonchalant Drakeo we all know in love with a few features from ALLBLACK, Rio Da Young Og, & Lil 9.
With plenty of quotable bars & catchy choruses, Drakeo’s talents only continue to solidify him even further within the rap scene. As if he needed to do more with all he’s done already, yet he continues to apply pressure as he speaks on his experiences, the ones who watch with envy even if though they’re free, & those who are tough only when it’s convenient.

We speak on a few of those topics within in our interview, as well as his pending court case, how fans can help through writing letters & showing up for support, as well as making this specific tape & other songs come to life.

Listen to our interview with him below! (Also available on all platforms under Giggles Irene Radio!!)

Links & updates in regards to Drakeo’s case.

Sign this petition:

Full breakdown of Drakeo the Ruler’s case:

Drakeo’s Charged refiled:

We’ll be doing our best to tweet/post updates in regards to Drakeo’s case. We also highly suggest you follow Jeff Weiss on Twitter for the most accurate information.

Write to Drakeo:
Darrell Caldwell
PO BOX 86164
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0764

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