Xian Bell “Free Til Midnight” EP & “Gold Chains” Music Video

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If you’re looking to set the mood at all this weekend, then you’ve come to the right place & you can thank Xian Bell for that. He makes his site debut today with his “Free Til Midnight” EP that may or may not have you making some decisions you’ll regret, so listen at your own risk.
If you’re looking to get seduced with a bit of wordplay & impressive vocals, it’s surely bound to happen once you hit play on his latest EP. Within his 5 tracks, he covers quite a few topics but it all seems to circle back to being impressed by what a confident woman can do. From the moves she makes to know the power that she holds over him, he’s with it & expresses it beautifully. Although (I personally feel) the EP maybe a little too short, Xian has stated via social media that there’s more to come. For now, stream & share your favorite tracks below!

Xian Bell · Free Til Midnight

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