Sham1016 “It’ll Make Sense Later” EP

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“It’ll Make Sense Later” was a common phrase on LA social media thanks to Sham1016. White photos were uploaded with phrases that had him taking shots at himself with the subtle detail of it’ll make sense later. Eventually, a release date & tracklist followed for his latest EP, 5 tracks all produced by Corey G.
Throughout the EP Sham flexes a bit on those who listen but in a subtle way, his confidence seems to never fold. If anything, the message that listeners should take away from it all is to make the world your own. Whether it be speaking light into yourself & others, traveling the world, or doing your best to understand the ones around you. Each lesson & experience he speaks on can change the perspective of many if one truly listens, not just hears these tracks. Of course, with the good comes the bad & he also takes time to speak on his mistakes & coming back strong.
Although the EP is short (cause he really likes to play with people’s emotions), we’re told more music is on the way. And honestly, it might be a good thing that he delivers in small doses. It just might be too much for the public to handle. Listen & share your favorite tracks below!



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