BossMann & Kee Riche$ Release “BOSSRICHE$”

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It’s always dope when two artists begin to working together & end up creating a dope collaboration tape. Usually, as music fans we sort of see the pressure or the plan unfold on social media. One artist will feature another, it sounds good, fans love it, they suggest (or bug) for a collaboration tape, & boom. It’s done.
When BossMann & Kee Riche$ had extended an invite to one of their studio sessions last year, we honestly didn’t think anything of it. The two of them working on a project didn’t cross our minds until they specifically said, “We’re working on a project” & even then, we couldn’t imagine the outcome.

Fast forward a handful of months & we’re given the single “I Got Problems” revealing what fans should expect from sound & artist chemistry. At the beginning of July, we were given the full 9 track project “BOSSRICHE$” with production from RoMo, JR, 420Tiesto, & AyooMeco. Grabbing features from Wallie the Sensai, Lil Duece, White John, & KingXRiko the project plays straight through with no skips.

With some dope samples that are sure to have listeners reminiscing, to having them making new memories, there’s something for every music fan on this project. Stating during their listening party that some songs were made when they were drunk (How You Wanna Do It), to having some songs get lost & found again (Catch This Vibe). The tape ends on a dope inspirational note reminding us all to cherish what life has given us.
Listen & share your favorite track below!


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