Kalan.frfr “Ain’t No Fun” Music Video

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There’s always a lot of mixed feelings when a classic song gets sampled, but to be honest we haven’t seen any negativity towards the new “Ain’t No Fun” by Kalan.frfr & for good reason. It’s different, but still dope. Let’s face it, Kalan can do no wrong in the eyes of his fans & when he drops music it’s always fully embraced. This track is no different.

“Ain’t No Fun” is about letting everyone have some, from liquor, beautiful women, or anything in regards to having a good time, Kalan & his squad are here for it all. Within his the visual, the scene is set for a huge pool party that opens with a wild scene or two. The classic melody we all know & love is changed slightly to match the smooth vocals of Kalan as he effortlessly grasps listeners. Within his lyrics he’s blunt about where things will be going as the night goes on, showing viewers what he really means by having fun. Watch & share the visual below!



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