Jade Amar “Cherry Red” Feat. Tray Haggerty

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Jade Amar is the Baltimore-born, Los Angeles based singer who is ready to step into the spotlight. With finding & honing her talents at the young age of seven, she began her journey into the industry through her great pen skills. Having been in writing sessions for Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion & more. Now, she’s ready to step out into the spotlight with her debut single titled “Cherry Red” that features Tray Haggerty.
Her vocals sound smooth over the track as he stunts on someone who wasn’t able to fully see her worth. But it’s no matter as she opens her eyes to the fact that he was the one who wasn’t all that to begin with & she’s adamant to never stoop that low again. Haggerty comes in with some slight autotune focused on himself, matching the energy of Amar with confidence. Listen & share the track below!

Jade Amar · Cherry Red ft. Tray Haggerty

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