Mister “Sorrow” Music Video

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If you pay attention to what’s going on music-wise in the city via social media (the way we do our best to do so), then you’ve seen the noise that Mackk & Co’s newest member Mister has been making for a while now. With no singles out, teasing the timeline with snippets along with geniune love & support from his crew; it was only a matter of time until he presented something special with the world as his debut & it’s here.

Sorrow” is the title of his first single, containing a profound sound that is felt immensly through his vocals. As he tells a story of loss with little detail, listeners are able to walk alongside Mister as he goes through the emotions of grief & search for healing.
The visual opens up with a handful of scenes, settling on Mister as he reminsces on how much things have changed. Having to grow up fast, he’s aware that life is full of lessons & he contains the power to make things even how he sees fit. Watch & share the visual below! The single is availble on all platforms!

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