HeyDeon “Sage” Music Video Shot by Goldby7

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HeyDeon is one to always bring dope energy within his music & visuals. He’s one to drop content with actual thought put into it, making his visuals even more enjoyable to watch because it simply always makes sense.
Hitting Goldby7 to bring his “Sage” visual to life, we’re reminded of how dope of a track it is. We’re brought into the space of HeyDeon as he’s seen within a room that looks as though a tornado has gone through it. What could be a metaphor for our energy & thoughts combined, he reminds us all to grab the sage & move swiftly from there. As he leaves the room that he seemed to be trapped in, he makes his way outside to the world & things begin to slowly change. Watch & share the visual below!

Be sure to pre-order his “Emotional Wreck” album due to be released 7/31 here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/emotional-wreck/1523334093

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