Sham1016 “850 Blue Leathers” Prod. by Chuck Inglish

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Sham1016 hits us with some smooth vibes on his latest release “850 Blue Leathers” with production from Chuck Inglish. Always being one to shine confidently, Sham also doesn’t shy away from putting individuals in their place. The ones who are gassed up will walk away being completely humble after interacting with Sham. He knows his worth & won’t allow that type of energy around him. If you listen closely, you’ll catch a few bars that will tug at the heartstrings as he pays tribute to our favorite hustler. As he seeks someone who matches his mindset & with ethics, he’ll put you on the bench if you’re not up to par. Listen & share the track below!

Be sure to tap into Sham’s social media & purchase his South Central is Mecca tees! You don’t want to miss the next drop!

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