Airplane James “Brown” Prod. by Jansport J

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It’s nice to see Airplane James drop a new track, even more so when it delivers an important message for the masses. Mind you, there is always something listeners can take away from his lyrics but “Brown” might be the most powerful & important of them all. Timeless.
Produced by Jansport J, we hear a singing James where he expresses the importance & uniqueness of having brown skin. From the beauty within it, to the injustice struggles against those who have it, through it all he reminds & shows listeners that to have it is a blessing. Showcasing a woman (@Safskitchen via Twitter) moving about her day, with scenes of protesting in between. We’re shown all walks of life, how in reality we’re no different, yet some of the world thinks otherwise. As we said, an important message that should spark some important discussions.

Watch & stream below!


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