Ride4Blackk “Immune” feat. KB Devaughn

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If you didn’t already know, a project by Ride4Blackk & RoMo is in the works! This isn’t really news, as the two have been hinting via Twitter about their work together & it’s only a matter of time until a date will be set.

Before all the real fun begins, Blackk gives us a first look at what’s to come with “Immune” that features KB Devaughn. The mixed by Crook & RoMo production brings two unique Inglewood voices together with some slight autotune. Yes, we know, how epic.
On the track, Blackk speaks on how life makes us accustomed to certain things, especially the moves of others. Determined to not let it break him instead he learns from it all, overtime becoming used to it. From people switching up to being fake, it’s a part of life & he doesn’t take it personally. Devaughn comes in with strong energy, covering the same topics of moving at his pace on his own terms. Enjoy & listen below!

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