L.A. Juan speaks on his “Manchester” EP, unapologetically representing where he’s from & more!

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It’s been a minute since we’ve wanted to talk to L.A Juan & we’re glad it’s finally happened! With the release of his latest EP titled “Manchester” we got to get to know him & his many layers, as well as break down the project! As we break down his start in music to the traveling, culture shocks, & significance other cities have had on him; he gives us details on why certain things about his music must be kept vague & who he really creates for. Everything he’s been through has & continues to shape him in more ways than none & you’ll get a sneak peak of that in his first ever interview here!
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Shot by: @miguelhbz https://www.instagram.com/miguelhbz​​​​
Shot & recorded at: @408Studios https://www.408studios​.com​​​

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