Baby Stone Gorillas Mini Interview

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With the way social media works, you never know when your next favorite artist (or group) will come across your timeline. It can be via a playlist, someone’s post, or even a feature.
In this case, a feature that crossed my timeline is what intrigued me to tap into Baby Stone Gorillas, who are now the hottest buzzing rap group coming out of Los Angeles.

Since being tapped into Big Sad 1900 & all his releases, I was highly intrigued when the visual for “Mainline” dropped. The track starts off on a soft note, easing the viewer in as each artist is show cased in the beginning of the visual. With the beat drop, it gives off a very West Coast summertime-feel that I just couldn’t get over. As each artist delivered smoothly as the track went on, I knew I’d have this on repeat for weeks. I wasn’t wrong.

The new faces within the visual made me search through instagram to see what else they were up to. Are these artists taking their craft seriously? If not, can I convince them to do so? Why aren’t they on streaming services? Do they need management? Maybe a new team member to help them through the fluff of the industry? All these questions ran through my head… As I realized I was getting way too ahead of myself it dawned on me that I’m part of media when it comes to the industry & eventually a sit down with them will happen.

Fast forward a few weeks later, Big Sad 1900 was headlining The Roxy & I was backstage doing an interview with him. While in the green room I recognized some people but since I had downloaded their music from YouTube, I wasn’t too sure if I was putting the right name to the face. Since I’m an over thinker, I didn’t want to catch myself in one of those moments of, “You’re so-&-so right? No? My bad.” *Leaves room embarrassed as fuck.* LOL

As Big Sad hit the stage, he brought out BSG to perform “Mainline” & I was ecstatic! Caught the whole thing on video, & I kicked myself a bit for not introducing myself & taking the chance of maybe looking dumb. LOL

Eventually, a conversation with Top5ivee of BSG began & from there we were all playing a game of tag to see when we’d finally be able to meet. Finally, on one Friday afternoon it was settled that I’d pull up to Los Globos to meet them & do a small interview.

It was a short conversation as I didn’t want to take up too much of their time. With them being special guests & wanting to enjoy the show. I truly look forward to having them come to the studio for an official sit down. Until then, enjoy our mini conversation below.

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