Rucci Interview: SOLD OUT at The Roxy

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If you’ve been keeping up with me over the years, then you may have noticed how closely I’ve been following Rucci’s career since I made my way onto the LA music scene. Back in 2018, Rucci’s “Dawgystyle” release party was the first listening party I ever attended. I was welcomed by Bass Squad (before they were known as Mackk&Co) with open arms, & it’s been all love ever since.

Lots of things have changed over the years though; Bass Squad is now known as Mackk&Co, Rucci has gone from independent to signed, the crew has grown with a handful of artists & team members, the team has stepped foot in countless cities, & the talent that Rucci holds has only continued to be perfected.

Within the last year alone, Rucci has released 5 projects (For My Dawgs 2, Dawgshit, Dawgybone, El Perro 2, & UNDERDAWGS), of those projects numerous visuals have been released, & two tours have come about. His Dawgybone tour hit the West Coast & soon after he was a supporting act on G Perico’s tour. As the year neared its end, the announcement of his solo show at The Roxy had hit social media. I was there to witness it all.

Energy is something Rucci has never lacked when it comes to his performances, & that night at The Roxy was no different. As he hit the stage he was greeted with bright lights, a very loud crowd, proud family & friends; all the things that make a sold out show at home that much more special.

Adding to the experience of a Rucci show, there were a handful of special guest he shared the stage with that night. From Wallie the Sensei, Kalan.FRFR, 1TakeQuan, RJMRLA & more, the room was filled with excitement of who else was waiting backstage.

As the show came to a close, Rucci kept up the tradition of showing love to beloved friend Sean Mackk. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of things have changed over the years, showing love to Sean Mackk won’t ever be one of them though. But now, with Rucci being a father, the show fully came to a close with the crowd yelling “WE LOVE YOU RYDER!” A new tradition that I truly love to see.

As Rucci made his way to the merch booth afterwards for autographs & photos, I stood nearby watching him interact with fans. His smile didn’t fade once during those 30-40 minutes or so. As the last fan walked away he came over & our interview began. Watch below as we speak on how far he’s come, some advice he has for up & coming artists, & what’s to come for 2023.

Shoutout Rucci & Mackk&Co for all the love & support over the years.

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