Women in Music: A Hip-Hop & R&B Playlist

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Women make the world a better place in numerous ways, especially in the music industry. From the women behind the scenes, who make something happen out of nothing all while making it look SO easy. To the engineers & producers who are usually the only women in the room & hold their ground. To the talents who are vulnerable in all aspects from singing, writing, performing, & everything else that comes with being a star. Some would even say you don’t have a hit if women don’t like the song… & I’ve been in a handful of situations that prove that statement to be true.

I had been wanting to make a playlist for a while now that showcases the women from Los Angeles, and honestly I don’t even have a good excuse as to why I continued to hold back. With today being the first day of women’s history month, I figured why not now? So here I am, 3am perfecting this list so around noon it can go live on Spotify & Apple Music for you all.

I plan on continuing to update the list as I discover up & coming women; whether they are from the city or not. It’ll probably be changed up throughout the day as well… So stay tuned! Hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to submit to the playlist via ContactGigglesIrene@gmail.com Subject line: Playlist Submission.

Stream on Spotify here: https://spoti.fi/3Yb8JR7
Stream on Apple Music here: https://apple.co/3SDxGU4

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