Desto Dubb Interview at ‘LEGENDARY’ Pop Up

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The long awaited “LEGENDARY” collaboration tape from Drakeo the Ruler & BlueBucksClan was set to release on April 28th with a pop up event to follow the next day. It’s still unclear what happened to the tape after it being on streaming services for less than 24 hours, but the event still went on.

I pulled up to purchase merch, speak with BlueBucks & crew, mingle amongst fans & peers, & speak with entrepreneur & rapper Desto Dubb. After having spoke with him many years ago during my Rosecrans Ave days; we caught up on his progress, how important this release was, & what’s to come for Desto & An Awful Lot of Cough Syrup. Tune in & be sure to stop by the shop on Melrose when you get a chance! Shoutout Desto Dubb & his team for allowing me to take the time to speak with him!

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  1. loved reading your post.
    Here is what I think of it
    Great article about the collaboration tape from Drakeo the Ruler & BlueBucksClan and the pop up event that followed. It’s always great to see artists and entrepreneurs come together to showcase their talents and passion. Shoutout to Desto Dubb and his team for their hard work and dedication!
    Thanks, Ely Shemer


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