GI Playlist #2

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Playlist #2 & I had to search a little beyond my original horizons.. Check out the music from some upcoming artists that I keep an eye on, & you should too. Feel free to send me suggestions on who should be added next week!

GIPlaylist #2

Ari Lennox – “Cold Outside” (Prod. by DJ Grumble)
Since the week started off with freezing rain, this song has truly been on repeat all week.Since it’s been pretty cold lately… This song has been on repeat all week! Ari Lennox was the first female artist to be signed to Dreamville & is currently working on new music.. With an amazing voice & a unique R&B type sound, she’s talented & truly the sweetest ever. Keep up with her via social media, her Instagram Lives are LIT.
Twitter, Instagram & SoundCloud.

KB – “Fire Emoji” (Prod. by Meez, Louie Ji, & Kev)
KB is an upcoming artists from LA & not only does he have a way with the ladies, he has amazing vocals as well! I wanted to share this track with you because since it’s release it has been in heavy rotation. With production from who I like to call the “Dynamic Duo,” I knew it would be a hit. I waited for what seems like years for this song to come out & I’m so happy to share it with y’all. If you like the song be sure to hit him on Instagram.. No really, if you send him a video of yourself singing it he might repost it…
Twitter, Instagram, & SoundCloud.

Craigy F – “Stories” (Prod. by Saturday)
There are so many songs of Craigy’s that I truly enjoy that it was difficult to just chose one. So get familiar because you’re sure to see his name again on another playlist throughout the year…  Craigy F is an East Coast based artist that has a unique sound that can only be described by saying, “Just listen.”
Instagram, Twitter & SoundCloud.

Dthr33 – “Royal” (Prod. by GoldieBeatz)
First time I heard of artist Dthr33 was when artist Oshea, was featured on one his tracks. After doing a bit of research, I learned Dthr33 is a very talented individual that is known as an artist & producer, that also happens to rep the I.E. Hoping to connect with him soon for some projects I got coming in the future.
SoundCloud, Twitter, & Instagram.

3rd – “Operation Wetback” (Prod. by Dj bLok & Ahh-Ceh)
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting 3rd a few times, & his character is just as real as his music. Although I wish he released music more often, the songs he has out are pretty dope. He not only takes the time to rap over dope beats, his lyrics (such as this one in particular) speak on topics that are going on in the real world.
Instagram, Twitter & SoundCloud.

Legend – “Fun With Pain” (Prod. by vProd. by KJ Conteh
Legend is a unique artist that has always had a way with lyrics. His mixtapes can be found on my very first iPod & on every computer I own. His style is real as much as his lyrics are & nobody should sleep on him. From getting the backing of Big Boy, Snoop Dogg, & more he’s sure to take the industry by storm soon. You can check out his latest single below.
Instagram & Twitter.

Kenneth Paige – “Ride the Wave”

Stumbled upon Kenneth Paige while I was searching for music not too long ago. Turns out he’s a singer, song writer, & producer who has also worked on a few tracks for Lonzo Ball! The way Kenneth sings on this particular track is R&B, but the beat has a bit of a hip hop tone to it. He gives me an SOBxRBE type vibe that I like. Check it out for yourself below.

Hope you enjoyed the more R&B type vibe the playlist had this week, that wasn’t intentional but it was something I noticed. If you’d like to see an artist on an upcoming playlist hit me via social media & I’ll check it out!

*If you didn’t make it to this weeks playlist there’s always next week.
**These playlist have NO association with any of the companies I work for.
I have NO control getting you blog placements elsewhere or radio play.
***If you haven’t already, you can submit your music here.


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