8 Goals for 2018

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A new year brings social pressure of having to make changes; whether it be becoming healthier, cleansing the social circle, or doing ones best to become a better person in general. Hopefully we all realize that these changes can be made whenever one would like throughout the year, but here we are still saying, “New year, new me.”

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, then you know that I’ve already begun to outline my 2018 goals since August of 2017. (It’s not too late to get started! You can read how I prepare for new goals here.) Even with all the prep, there were some goals that I wasn’t able to accomplish. It may be a little discouraging, but there’s nothing wrong with ‘rolling over’ goals into the new year. As a bit of motivation (solely for myself), I’ll be sharing my main goals for 2018. Here we go..

1. Take more photos!
Whether it be of people, shows, or random things; I plan to use my camera to the fullest all of 2018. Although I initially bought it to vlog, why not use it for photos as well? I always seem to find myself around people who don’t mind me practicing & in return they get dope shots for their Instagram. It’s a win-win for me.


2. Write everyday!
I love to write… If you haven’t noticed. I’d love to focus more on perfecting my passion that is scribbling my emotions into words. Whether that be writing about music better, creating a short story, or a journal entry; I’ll be writing at least once a day. Writing more is the overall plan, along with sharing it as well.


3. Travel (Outside of California)
The farthest I’ve ever traveled in Vegas & to me that doesn’t really count as ‘traveling.’ I’d love to see different parts of the United States until I have the courage (and funds) to make it over seas. There’s so many places I’d like to visit, besides the cliche ones like Disney World & New York. There’s Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New Orleans.. The list goes on.

4. Get an on-air job.
This is one of the goals that was ‘rolled over’ from the year before.. (and the year before, and before..) It’s a work in progress, but I’m closer now than I’ve ever been. I have guest co-hosted on Rosecrans Radio a few times & I truly love every minute of it. I might be bringing back my podcast as well in hopes of growing a bit more of a fan base too.


5. Meet more people.
This applies to not only work, but with my social life as well.
With the industry that I want to work in, it’s really all about ‘who you know.’ I want to continue to meet new people who will become my mentors, people who I can trust when it comes to bettering myself, my projects, & will provide constructive criticism. Whether it be directly or indirectly.
When it comes to my social life… I want to continue to meet more people who enjoy the same things I do; visiting new places, going to concerts, eating, the usual stuff. Not to say that I’d like a group of friends that are all similar, but meeting new people & having them introduce you to new things & ways of thinking is always good.

6.  Speak up & use my voice.
This is something that I’ve struggled with for a very long time & I don’t know how else to combat it besides face it head on. A lot of the time (especially at work), I seem to stay quiet when it comes to ideas not only in fear of sounding stupid, but in fear of making it seem like I “don’t know my place.” (To be clear, nobody has ever made me feel that way. I just overthink everything.) I’m also constantly fighting a voice inside my head that tells me how annoying I am…
I’ve found that a lot of the ideas I have that can make things easier or more productive, come about much later or sometimes too late. I won’t allow that to happen anymore.

7. Say ‘yes’ to myself more.
I’ve slowly been applying this to my life the past few years & it’s been awesome. I just have to figure out how to continuously say yes when it comes to myself, not only to others. I’ve become so used to giving my all to others, that I’ve failed to realize that when I do that I end up technically saying no to things I wish to accomplish myself.
It’s a mind tug-of-war that I’m conflicted with daily that I want to gain control of.
8. Try!
As in put more effort into myself. 99.9% of the time I couldn’t care less about anything having to do with my appearance. If it fits, I’ll wear it. Makeup, minimal if not any. Shoes, oh don’t get me started on how much I love my Vans & Nike’s!
BUT I guess I’ll try a bit more. Be more ‘girly’ or whatever.

These aren’t all the goals I’ve set for 2018, but these are the ones that I felt comfortable with sharing. Remember that there’s no need to have every detail figured out right away, but writing everything down helps a lot.
Hoping everyone continues to have a wonderful year full of great things!

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